December 2018 Best Savings Rates

Use our savings rates list below to search for and compare the best savings rates from banks and credit unions. Our list of savings account rates are the highest savings rates around from both local banks and credit unions. We also list the best savings rates from national banks. There is no need to search for savings rates elsewhere since we maintain the best list of rates.

Why are Savings Accounts Better?

Online savings accounts are very mainstream these days and have been around for about two decades now. There are many features about an online savings account that make banking so much easier than a traditional brick and mortar savings account. Plus, the interest rate earn on an online account is so much higher than an account offered by a brick and mortar bank.

Savings accounts in general earn a lower rate than certificate of deposit accounts but you have access to your money when you need it. You can access your money in a certificate of deposit but you will pay an early withdrawal penalty if you do so.

Savings accounts are a good way to save for unexpected expenses or can be used for an emergency account. Experts recommend having at least six months of expenses stashed away in an emergency account.

Savings Account Features

Federal law, Regulation D, only allows for 6 withdrawals from a savings account per billing cycle. If you constantly go over that amount your bank or credit unoin is allowed to switch your account to a checking account. Most checking accounts earn a lower rate than savings accounts.

We actually recommend having a savings account, checking account and also certificates of deposit, each is designed for a particular need.

Online savings accounts earn a much higher interest rate than regular savings accounts. The reason being, with traditional brick and mortar banking there are higher costs to maintain branch locations. If a bank only has an online presence the savings are tremendous and they can pass the savings onto depositors in the form of higher interest rates.

Why Use an Online Savings Account?

The ease and convenience of online banking is the second reason to stick with online accounts. You can access your accounts online to view balances, pay bills, transfer money between accounts. One of the greatest features is mobile deposit. You can take a photo of a check to deposit it into your account.

Traditional Savings Accounts vs. Online Savings Account

There are many reasons to choose an online savings account over a traditional savings account. Many reasons we mention above.

Right now, the best online savings rate is more than 10 times the best brick and mortar savings rate. We don't expect this to ever change because online banks have lower costs.

Compound Interest on a Savings Account

If you haven't heard of compound interest you really need to read this next paragraph. Compound interest is interest calculated on the savings account principal and interest already earned. Compound interest is the most powerful aspect of a savings account.

When you open a savings account make sure to see when a bank or credit union "compounds the interest." Finanical institutions greatly differ on when the compound interest. The more frequently interest is compounded the more money you make. Some finanical institutions will do it daily, some compound monthly, some compound quarterly or even annually.

Do you pay income tax on interest earned on a savings account?

The answer is yes, interest earned on a savings account is taxable. The finanical institution you have an account with will send you a 1099-INT with the amount of interest you earned. The tax rate you pay will depend on your tax rate which depends on how much income you had any given year.

How to Open a Savings Account

The best and easiest way to open a savings account is online. You will need several pieces of information to open an account. There are Federal laws designed to prevent money laundering which drive most of the process these days.

Information you will need to provide a bank or credit union to open a savings account include:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number or EIN for businesses
  • Proof of Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address and tax identification number (such as a Social Security number)
  • Drivers License or Passport

Should I Designate Beneficiaries when I open a Savings Account?

Most banks or credit unions require you to designate a beneficiary when you open an account. The person(s) you name as the beneficiaries will inherit the money in the account.

Funding a Savings Account

If the savings account has a minimum deposit requirement, you’ll need to deposit at least that much money in the account. You can do this by initiating a bank transfer, sending or depositing a check or using a wire transfer.

Not all banks require a minimum deposit but for the banks that do you might also be able fund the account for some period after the account has been opened.

Radius Bank Savings Rates UppedRadius Bank savings rates were increased yesterday and are now above the 2.00 percent level. The old savings rate at Radius Bank was 1.94 percent with an APY of 1.96 percent. The new savings rate from Radius Bank is at 2.03 percent with an APY of 2.05 percent. This high savings rate is for account balances of $25,000 or more. The savings rate from Radius Bank falls to 1.50 percent for account balances under $25k. See how Radius Bank savings account rates compare with other rates to get the best rate.

Author: Brian McKay
December 16th, 2018

Best Savings Rates in December 2018The best savings rates in December 2018 are hovering just below 2.50 percent and are poised to move higher before the end of the year. The current best savings rate for December 2018 is still at 2.40 percent from MySavingsDirect. That bank has been holding the stop spot for the best savings rate for all of December 2018. Savings rates will probably move higher before the end of the year if the Fed increases the fed funds rate. If a rate increase happens, we could see the best savings rates move hit 2.50 percent or even higher before the end of December. The second best savings rate in December is currently at 2.35 percent from PNC Bank. Rates change all the time, to get the best savings rates compare rates below today.

Author: Brian McKay
December 14th, 2018

Robinhood Savings RatesRobinhood Savings Account and Checking Account Important Update: These accounts are not traditional bank account protected with FDIC Insurance. These Robinhood accounts are brokerage accounts meant for investors to hold cash until it can be invested in securities, the account are covered by SIPC Insurance.

Robinhood savings rates are now the best savings rates available. Robinhood Markets Inc  has just launched Robinhood Checking & Savings Accounts with incredibly high rates. Checking rates and savings rates at Robinhood are at 3.00 percent right now, probably the best savings rate or checking rate around. There are no fees on these accounts and you have access to over 75,000 free ATMs. Robinhood is the company has a smart phone app which allows individuals to invest in publicly traded companies and ETFs without paying a commission. See how Robinhood savings rates and checking rates compare with other rates below.

Author: Brian McKay
December 13th, 2018

E-Trade Savings RatesE*Trade savings rates are competitive right not but are not the best savings rates available. Current savings rates at E*TRADE are at 1.88 percent with and APY of 1.90 percent. To earn this great savings rate from E*TRADE you only need one $1 to open and fund an account. Compare E*TRADE savings rates with other bank rates below to get the best rate today.

Author: Brian McKay
December 12th, 2018

Money market rates in Florida are moving higher these days and have recently made new highs. The best Florida money market rates are at 2.40 percent from MysavingsDirect. The second best money market rate in Florida is at 2.36 percent from Popular Direct. You can search for and compare money market rates in FL here to make sure you are getting the highest rate.

Author: Brian McKay
December 9th, 2018

Popular Direct Savings RatesPopular Direct has one of the best savings rates available from any online bank right now. Savings rates at Popular Direct are currently at 2.36 percent, a  rate is many times the current national average rate. To earn these great savings rates from Popular Direct you will need to deposit a minimum of $5,000 to open an account. See how Popular Direct savings compare with other online bank account rates below.

Author: Brian McKay
December 4th, 2018

MemoryBank Best Money Market RatesMemoryBank money market rates are some of the best money market rates available. These best money market rates at MemoryBank are current at 2.25 percent. To earn one of the best money market rates from MemoryBank you can open an account with no money or deposit up to $1 million. See how MemoryBank money market rates compare with other bank rates here.

Author: Brian McKay
December 1st, 2018

Amex Savings RatesAmex savings rates are very competitive right now and are one of the best savings rates around. Savings rates at Amex are currently at 2.00 percent which is on the higher end of online savings rates available today. Savings rates at Amex were recently increased to this new top rate. You can compare Amex savings rate with other online savings rates below.

Author: Brian McKay
November 28th, 2018

Live Oak Bank Savings RatesLive Oak Bank savings rates are some of the highest savings rates currently available from any online bank. Current savings rates at Live Oak Bank is at 2.00 percent. There is no minimum opening balance to earn this really good savings rate. You can compare Live Oak Bank savings rates with other bank savings rates below.

Author: Brian McKay
November 26th, 2018

SalemFive CD RatesSalem Five Direct savings rates are one of the best savings rates available today. Savings rates at Salem Five Direct are currently at 2.05 percent with only a $100 minimum opening deposit. Compare Salem Five Direct savings rates with other bank savings rates.

Author: Brian McKay
November 26th, 2018