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Looking to grow your savings with CD rates more than 10x the national average CD rates? Here's a list of the top 10 promotional CD (Certificate of Deposit) listed in our database of promotional CD rates. You can search for and compare CD rates from banks and credit unions, we monitor all banks and credit unions to find the best rates available.

EverBank, formerly known as TIAA Bank, is making a significant impact in the Certificate of Deposit (CD) market with its appealing CD rates. The bank boasts a wide array of CD options, from a short 3-month term to a longer 60-month term, making it a flexible choice for savers and investors. The highest CD rates at EverBank are on the bank's shorter-term CDs, the current 9-Month CD rate is at 5.25% and the 12-month CD rate is at 5.00%.

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