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Ally Bank CD rates were recently changed and the changes were mostly higher. The Bank lowered 1 year CD rates but increased rates on 3 other CD products yesterday. Ally lowered 1 year CD rates from 2.00 percent to 1.70 percent, or 30 basis points. Percentagewise, the decrease was 15 percent, which is a rather large decrease.

Ally Bank 1 year CD rates were the top 1 year rate available since December 2o, when the rate was increased. Back in December, the rate was increased from 1.65 percent to 2.00 percent. While the new rate is the best rate available it still places Ally in the top 10 highest rates.

Ally Bank CD Rates Changed

Ally Bank 1 year CD rates was the only rate decrease while 18 month, 2 year and 3 year CD rates were increased. Listed below are all four rate changes.

  • 1 Year CD Rates – Lowered from 2.00% to  1.70%
  • 18 Month CD Rates – Increased from 1.75% to 1.80%
  • 2 Year CD Rates – Increased from 1.50% to 1.75%
  • 3 Year CD Rates – Increased from 1.75% to 1.80%

The rates listed above and Ally Bank’s High Yield CD accounts have tiered interest rates. This means the rate you earn is based on the deposit amount. The minimum deposit for the rates listed above is $25,000. You can still open a CD account at Ally with less than $25k but the rate you earn will be lower.

Ally Bank High Yield CD Rates

Listed below is a current rate list of Ally Bank High Yield CD rates.

Ally Bank CD Rates Changed











In additional to the competitive CD rates listed above, Ally also offers a competitive 11 month CD with a current rate of 1.60 percent. This 11 month CD is Ally’s No Penalty offering.

As you know ,when you open a CD account your money is locked up for the term of the CD. You can withdraw your money early but in doing so, you will forfeit some or all of the interest you earned. With a no-penalty CD, you can withdraw your money early and not pay a fee.

Ally’s No Penalty CD allows you to withdraw your money early without paying a fee as long as it’s more than six days after funding the account. Note the word, “funding,” that means six days after you deposit your money, not six days after you sign up. Still a much shorter period than a solid year.

Author: Brian McKay
January 11th, 2018

CD rates continue to move higher in 2017 as November brings more new highs for 1 year CD rates. There are now three banks offering 1 year CD rates at 1.74 percent with an APY of 1.75 percent.

1 year CD RatesWe expect the increase in rates to continue next month and into 2018. The Fed is widely expected to increase the rate during their meeting in December. In fact, the CME Group’s FedWatch Tool puts the probability of an increase at 91.5 percent, as of this writing.

The current fed funds rate is in a range of 1.00 percent to 1.25 percent. An increase in December will put the rate between 1.25 percent and 1.50 percent. The last time the rate was that high was nearly a decade ago. You can view the history of the fed funds rate going back to 1955 in this Rate Chart.

Current Top 1 Year CD Rates

  • Banesco USA 1.75% APY 1.75%
  • 1.74% APY 1.75%
  • Congressional Bank 1.73% APY 1.75%
  • First Internet Bank of Indiana 1.70% APY 1.71%
  • Limelight Bank 1.70% APY 1.71%
  • Crestmark Bank 1.70% APY 1.70%
  • M.Y. Safra Bank, FSB 1.70% APY 1.70%
  • My eBanc, A Division of BAC Florida Bank 1.69% APY 1.70%
  • ableBanking, a division of Northeast Bank 1.69% APY 1.70%
  • EverBank 1.68% APY 1.69%

The 1 year CD rates listed above are from online banks, or online banking divisions of traditional brick and mortar banks. You won’t be able to find 1 year CD rates that high from brick and mortar banks and certainly not at the biggest banks.

For example, Wells Fargo’s 1 year CD rates are currently at 0.05 percent, you can see for yourself on the bank’s website. Another large bank, Chase Bank, is offering 1 year CD rates even lower at 0.02 percent. Banks offering rates that low basically don’t want your money. These banks also bury their rates on their websites so you have to dedicate a good amount of time hunting to find the rates.

Author: Brian McKay
November 20th, 2017

The Federal Reserve wrapped up their two day meeting yesterday and decided to keep the fed rates unchanged. The Fed was expected to stand pat on rates during the September meeting. Even though the Fed kept rates where they are, online CD rates continue to march higher.

Weekly CD Rates September 21, 2017Between this Fed meeting and the last meeting in July, we have witnessed several new highs for short term CD rates. 1 year CD rates already made two new highs in the month of September. On September 5th, we reported the top 1 year CD rate increased to 1.60 percent and now the top 1 year rate is at 1.65 percent.

We are still predicting 1 year CD rates will hit a high of 1.75 percent by the end of 2017 but only if the Fed increases the fed funds rate once more this year. You can see a list of the best 1 year CD rates listed below.

Top 1 Year CD Rates This Week

  1. 1.65%
  2. EverBank 1.62%
  3. My e-BAnC by BAC Florida Bank 1.62%
  4. Pacific National Bank 1.60%
  5. Popular Direct 1.60%
  6. M.Y. Safra Bank, FSB 1.58%
  7. First Internet Bank of Indiana 1.57%
  8. VirtualBank 1.56%
  9. Goldman Sachs Bank USA 1.50%
  10. Sallie Mae 1.50%

6 month CD interest rates are also moving higher during the same time period. The top rate is moving up from 1.25 percent a couple months ago to 1.36 percent today. By the end of 2017, we look for 6 month rates to move towards 1.50 percent. Listed below are the best 6 month CD rates.

Top 6 Month CD Rates This Week

  1. VirtualBank 1.36%
  2. First Internet Bank of Indiana 1.32%
  3. M.Y. Safra Bank, FSB 1.26%
  4. Live Oak Bank 1.25%
  5. Pacific National Bank 1.25%
  6. Nationwide Bank 1.20%
  7. Luana Savings Bank 1.10%
  8. TAB Bank 1.06%
  9. Goldwater Bank 1.05%
  10. My e-BAnC by BAC Florida Bank 1.05%

Looking beyond 2017, CD interest rates will continue to increase in 2018 and 2019 as long as the Fed increases interest rates. The rates listed above are all from online banks. If you compare these rates with traditional brick and mortar bank rates, you’ll see why we always recommended online banks for the best CD interest rates.

Author: Brian McKay
September 21st, 2017

Keeping with the uptrend in 2017, CD rates continue to move higher in September. In August, the top 1 year CD rate was at 1.55 percent, this month the top 1 year CD rate is at 1.60 percent. Popular Direct, EverBank, and Pacific National Bank are all offering 1 year CD rates at 1.59 percent with a yield of 1.60 percent.

At the beginning of the year, the top 1 year rate was only at 1.35 percent, 25 basis points lower than the current rate. Shorter term CD rates moved higher this year because the Federal Reserve has been increasing the fed funds rate, the rate banks use to lend each other money overnight. These rate increases have put upward pressure on short term interest rates and bond yields.

CD rates with terms shorter than 1 year are also moving higher. The top 3 month CD rate is week is from Luana Savings Bank at 1.05 percent. Last month, the top 3 month CD rate was at 1.00 percent. The top 6 month CD rate this month is at 1.26% from M.Y. Safra Bank, FSB. In August, the top 6 month rate was at 1.21 percent.

CD Yield Curve Flattening

As short term CD rates move higher, longer term rates have been stagnant, increasing a lot less than short term rates, which is flattening the yield curve. The top 2 year CD rate is at 1.71 percent, only 11 basis points higher than the top 1 year rate.

Looking at longer term certificates of deposit, rates are only marginally higher. The top 3 year rate is at 2.00 percent, the top 4 year rate is at 2.16 percent, and the top 5 year rate is at 2.40 percent. The CD yield curve will continue to be flat in the coming years, even if short term rates are pushed higher.

Author: Brian McKay
September 5th, 2017

The Federal Reserve increased the fed funds rate last week and Internet banks will follow with higher CD rates to stay competitive for your deposits. Over the past year, Internet banks slowly increased CD rates while traditional brick and mortar banks have not.

The largest traditional banks are still offering a paltry 0.05 percent CD rate on 12 month CDs while the top 12 month CD rates from online banks are at 1.40 percent. The CD rate difference on long term CD accounts is more striking.

The largest regular banks are currently offering 60 month CD rates around 0.35 percent while online banks’ 5 year CD rates are around 2.35 percent. Obviously, without the overhead that brick and mortar banks have, online banks are typically able to offer better rates.

The Federal Reserve increased their key benchmark lending rate for the third time in six months last week. The rate was increased 25 basis points to a range of 1.00 percent to 1.25 percent. This increase will put upward pressure on online banks to increase CD rates.

In the coming weeks, we expect the leading banks in our CD rate database to increase 1 year CD rates towards 1.50 percent or perhaps even higher. 5 year CD rates will head towards 2.50 percent. We haven’t seen rates this high for either CD term in many years.

We expect the uptrend in the fed funds rate and CD rates to continue in 2017. The Fed has telegraphed one more rate increase in 2017. There might be more than 1 additional rate increase because there are 4 more scheduled Fed meetings this year.

Author: Brian McKay
June 27th, 2017