U.S. Bank CD Rates: 7-Month 4.80%, 15-Month 4.85%, and 11-Month 4.95%

There are many fixed-income investment opportunities out there, but when it comes to Certificates of Deposit (CDs), U.S. Bank is as an institution worth noting. With its Special CDs offering really competitive CD rates, U.S. Bank distinguishes itself from other financial institutions, thereby appealing to investors seeking substantial, risk-free returns.

U.S. Bank offers many different types of CDs, which are listed below. U.S. Bank's Special CD rates are the best CD rates available and present an enticing option for investors looking to maximize short-term gains. Currently, the 7-month CD rate is at 4.80%, 11-month CD rate is at 4.95%, 15-month, and 19-month CD rates are at 4.85% These CD rates significantly outpace the national average for similar CD terms. To contextualize, a $25,000 investment in a 7-month Special CD at 4.40% APY would accrue $636.47 in interest—a remarkable, risk-free return. Importantly, these Special CDs can be opened with a minimum deposit of $1,000 and cap at $250,000.

Standard CD Rates: A Less Lucrative Path

In stark contrast to its Special CD rates, U.S. Bank's Standard CDs do not hold the same allure when it comes to the rates offered. These CDs range in terms from 1 to 60 months but offer a highest rate of merely 0.25% APY for the 60-month term. The shorter-term Standard CDs—1-month to 24-months—provide a dismal 0.25% APY, making them an unattractive investment avenue when compared to the Special rates.

Step-Up and Trade-Up CDs: Alternative Yet Subpar

U.S. Bank also offers specialized CD types like the Step-Up CD and the Trade-Up CD. The Step-Up CD features a 28-month term with progressive rate increases: starting at 0.05% for the first 7 months, it moves to 0.25%, 0.45%, and finally 0.65% for subsequent 7-month intervals. However, the blended APY culminates at only 0.35%, which pales in comparison to the 4.70% APY offered by the 19-month Special CD.

The Trade-Up CD account grants the flexibility to increase the rate once after account opening, should interest rates rise. However, even these CDs present lackluster rates—0.10% APY for the 30-month term and 0.40% APY for the 60-month term—and necessitate an in-branch visit for redemption before the maturity date.

In Summary

U.S. Bank excels in offering remarkably competitive CD rates through its Special CDs, which come in four short-term variations ranging from 7 to 19 months. These Special rates substantially outperform the offerings from the bank's other types of CD accounts, thereby providing an advantageous investment alternative for individuals in pursuit of robust, risk-free returns. Given the stark disparities in APYs across various CD types, investors would do well to gravitate towards U.S. Bank's Special CDs for optimal financial gain

Author: Brian McKay
August 30th, 2023