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Choosing a Credit Card

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choosing-a-credit-cardChoosing the best credit card for your needs can be a daunting task. There are tons of credit cards available these days so finding the the best card that fits your needs takes some work.

The best way to search search for a credit card online is by using a  credit card comparison tool. Credit cards are group into categories with a comparison tool, you can find a low interest credit card, balance transfer credit card, student credit cards, etc.  

Once you have found a category to choose a credit card from, you can compare cards from several different banks side by side. If you expect to always pay your monthly bill in full your best choice may be a card that has no annual fee and offers a longer grace period. Possibly even a cash back credit card will work well for you.
If you do carry over a balance from month to month, you may be more interested in a card that carries a lower interest rate or a credit card with a zero percent introductory offer. If you have a good or excellent credit history you can find cards at offer zero percent for a year.
If you expect to use your card to get cash advances, you’ll want to look for a card that carries a lower APR and lower fees on cash advances. Most, if not all credit cards charge a higher APR for cash advances than for purchases. Finding a credit card that caps the fee you pay when you take out a cash advance might be the best option for you.

Before you sign up for a credit card do some research and compare fees, annual percentage yields, grace periods, features and benefits to decide which credit card is best for you.
Author: Brian McKay
May 14th, 2009