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Brian McKay

Brian McKay started in March 2008. He is the co-owner and main writer for specializing in writing articles on personal finance with an emphasis on finding mortgage financing.

Most people don’t take an active role in their finances. I started to help people get a better understanding about managing their personal finances. has been mentioned in several financial publications including,,, MSN money and others: Monitor Bank Rates In the Press

Many newspapers and television stations use our free average mortgage rates widget on their websites, enabling their readers to keep track of rates. Newspapers including the New Richman News, serving Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Television stations include CLTV (Chicagoland Television) and KSPR (ABC) in Springfield, Missouri.

Hundreds of real estate agents also use our mortgage rate widget along with our free mortgage calculator on their websites to better serve their customers.

For media matters feel free to email me: Brian McKay

Brian’s 10 most recent articles are listed below.

Marcus Savings Rate: 2.50% APY Referral Bonus
Updated: Marcus’ savings rate on the bank’s online savings account has hit a new high of 2.20% 2.50% APY thanks to an additional 1.00% referral bonus. Marcus just increased their savings rate, right before the Federal Reserve is expected to increase the fed funds rate by 75 basis points. This new savings rate at Marcus […] ... Read more
AimLoan Mortgage Rates: 30 Year Loan 4.88%
AimLoan mortgage rates on the lender’s 30-year loan are competitive right now, the current 30-year mortgage rate is at 4.88% with an APR of 5.05%. Total fees on this loan amounts to $6,539 and the total point cost is$1,720. 30 year mortgage rates from AimLoan are not the only competitive rate the lender is offering, […] ... Read more
LendingClub Savings Rates: 1.26% APY (Nationwide)
LendingClub savings rates on the bank’s high yield savings account is one of the better savings rates currently available. Savings rates at LendingClub are at 1.25 percent with a 1.26 percent annual percentage yield. LendingClubs savings rate is more than 15x the FDIC national average rate. In addition, there is no minimum balance to earn […] ... Read more
CD Rates: Best Interest Rates Available Today at 2.15% APY
CD rates started increasing when the Federal Reserve started increasing the fed funds rate back in March 2022. The increase in rates was rather swift, since March, the best CD rates on 12-month certificates of deposit are now over 2.00 percent. In fact, the highest 12-month CD rate right available today on the rate list […] ... Read more
Chase Bank CD Rates: 12-Month Term 1.61% APY (Nationwide)
Chase Bank CD rates on the bank’s 12-Month term CD are very competitive, the current CD rate is 1.61% APY. This is actually a really good CD rate available from a traditional brick and mortar bank. To earn this rate and yield you have to open a CD with a minimum opening deposit of $10,000. […] ... Read more
CIT Bank Savings Rates: 1.35% [Nationwide]
CIT Bank savings rates on the bank’s savings account is on the higher end of savings rates currently available. The savings rates at CIT Bank are at 1.34 percent with a 1.35 percent annual percentage yield. CIT Bank’s savings rate is more than 16x the FDIC national average rate, plus you earn interest with a […] ... Read more
Tomo Mortgage Rates: 30-Year 4.875%, 15-Year 4.00%
Tomo mortgage rates are very competitive right now and are also some of the best mortgage rates available. Current 30-year mortgage rates at Tomo are at 4.875 percent with an APR of 4.95%. If you find a better mortgage rate, Tomo will match that rate. Tomo Mortgage 30-Year Mortgage Summary 4.875% plus $3,140 points charge […] ... Read more
Bask Bank Savings Rate: 1.61% APY (Nationwide)
Bast Bank savings rate at 1.61% APY is currently one of the best savings rates available from any online bank nationwide. The savings rate at Bask Bank is more than twenty times the current national average savings rate. There is no minimum account balance requirements and no account fees. Bask Bank Savings Summary Savings Rate […] ... Read more
UFB Direct Savings Account Rate: Current APY at 1.66%
UFB Direct Savings Rate is one of the best savings rates currently available from any online bank. The current savings rate at UFB Direct is at 1.65 percent with an APY of 1.66 percent. There is no minimum opening deposit to earn this high savings rate and yield. UFB Direct Savings Account Summary Account APY […] ... Read more
Marcus Bank Savings Rates: 1.20% APY [Nationwide]
Marcus Bank savings rates on the bank’s online savings account is one of the best savings rates available right now. Current savings rates at Marcus Bank are at 1.19 percent with a 1.20 percent annual percentage yield. Marcus’ savings rate is four times the national average rate plus there is no minimum opening deposit. Marcus […] ... Read more

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