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Brian McKay started MonitorBankRates.com in March 2008. He is the co-owner and main writer for MonitorBankRates.com specializing in writing articles on personal finance with an emphasis on finding mortgage financing.

Most people don’t take an active role in their finances. I started MonitorBankRates.com to help people get a better understanding about managing their personal finances.

MonitorBankRates.com has been mentioned in several financial publications including Forbes.com, CNNMoney.com, CBSMoneyWatch.com, MSN money and others: Monitor Bank Rates In the Press

Many newspapers and television stations use our free average mortgage rates widget on their websites, enabling their readers to keep track of rates. Newspapers including the New Richman News, serving Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Television stations include CLTV (Chicagoland Television) and KSPR (ABC) in Springfield, Missouri.

Hundreds of real estate agents also use our mortgage rate widget along with our free mortgage calculator on their websites to better serve their customers.

For media matters feel free to email me: Brian McKay

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Brian’s 10 most recent articles are listed below.

Current Low Mortgage Rates Won’t Stay Low for Long
Mortgage rates slowly drifted higher this week. Average 30 year conforming mortgage rates increased to 4.16 percent, up from 4.10 percent last week. Overall, average 30 year mortgage rates haven’t changed since the beginning of 2017. On January 1st, average 30 year rates were at 4.16 percent, not far from today’s average. Mortgage rates won’t stay […] ... Read more
Fed Will Push Top 1 Year CD Rates Above 1.50%
CD rates continue to inch higher this month as the top 1 year CD rate on our rate list increased from 1.35% to 1.40%. We might see the best 1 year CD rates move above 1.50 percent in the coming week if the Fed increases the fed funds rate. Recent comments by the Fed officials […] ... Read more
CD Rates Report: 1 Year CD Rates as of January 14, 2017
Listed below is a current CD rates report for 1 year certificates of deposit as of January 14, 2017. Current 1 Year CD Rates Pentagon Federal Credit Union 1.35% Yield 1.36% (tied for 1st place) EverBank 1.35% Yield 1.36% (tied for 1st place) VirtualBank 1.30% Yield 1.31% Live Oak Bank 1.29% Yield 1.30% My e-BAnC […] ... Read more
Top Savings Rates Update – January 11, 2017
Listed below are the top savings account rates available on our database for January 11, 2017. The sole leader with the best savings account rate this week is Popular Direct with a rate of 1.14 percent and a yield of 1.15 percent. Top Savings Rates Popular Direct 1.14% Yield 1.15% Synchrony Bank 1.04% Yield 1.05% (tied for […] ... Read more
30 Year Mortgage Rates at 4.16 Percent – Still Low, Historically Speaking…
The relentless rise in mortgage rates continues as 30 year mortgage rates hit another new high for 2016. Average 30 year mortgage rates increased to 4.16 percent this week, up 11 basis points from last week’s average rate. For the first three quarters of 2016, average 30 year mortgage rates hovered around 3.50 percent, which is […] ... Read more
Best CD Rates at the End of 2016
CD rates are slowing moving higher and will continue to increase in 2017. The Federal Reserve has forecast the need to increase the fed funds rate at least three times in 2017 and possibly more, if needed. These increases will put upward pressure on both short term and long term CD rates. Listed below are the […] ... Read more
Outlook for Higher CD Rates in 2017 is Promising
Depositors have suffered with low CD rates going on about a decade now. Ever since the economy came out of the Great Recession, we eagerly awaited higher CD rates only to be rebuffed by the Fed. There has been one fed funds rate hike at the end of 2015 and another one last week. With […] ... Read more
Fed Increases Fed Funds Rate, Banks Yet to Increase Deposit Rates
Another Fed meeting came and went last week with one major difference. The Federal Open Market Committee increased the fed funds rate 25 basis points. This is only the second increase in the past decade. The new target range for the fed funds is 0.50 percent to 0.75 percent. The rate increase was announced a few […] ... Read more
CD Rates Slowly Inch Higher as Fed Meets This Week
CD rates are slowly inching higher and will continue to move higher in the coming months. A more immediate impact that will force CD rates higher is the Federal Open Market Committee increasing rates. The FOMC meets this week to decide on monetary policy and is widely expected to increase the fed funds rate by 25 […] ... Read more
30 Year Mortgage Rates Back Under 4.00 Percent this Week
The relentless rise in mortgage rates has paused this week as average 30 year mortgage rates fell. Since Trump was elected President almost a month ago, 30 year mortgage rates have moved higher from just under 3.50 percent to a high of 4.11. This is one of the largest monthly increases in mortgage rates since the run-up […] ... Read more

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