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Brian McKay started in March 2008. He is the co-owner and main writer for specializing in writing articles on personal finance with an emphasis on finding mortgage financing.

Most people don’t take an active role in their finances. I started to help people get a better understanding about managing their personal finances. has been mentioned in several financial publications including,,, MSN money and others: Monitor Bank Rates In the Press

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Brian’s 10 most recent articles are listed below.

Robinhood Savings Rates
Robinhood savings rates are now the best savings rates available. Robinhood Markets Inc  has just launched Robinhood Checking & Savings Accounts with incredibly high rates. Checking rates and savings rates at Robinhood are at 3.00 percent right now, probably the best savings rate or checking rate around. There are no fees on these accounts and you […] ... Read more
nbkc Bank CD Rates
nbkc Bank CD rates on both short and long term certificates of deposit are competitive right now. 3 month CD rates at nbkc Bank are at 0.65 percent with an APY of .065 percent. 5 year CD rates from nbkc Bank are of course much higher at 3.00 percent with an APY of 3.04 percent. See how nbkc […] ... Read more
My eBanc CD Rates Move Higher
My eBanc CD rates which were already some of the best CD rates available moved higher over night. 6 month CD rates at My eBanc were increased from 2.25 percent to 2.45 percent. 6 month jumbo CD rates from My eBanc were also increased from 2.25 percent to 2.45 percent. Compare My eBanc CD rates with other online […] ... Read more
CBI Bank & Trust Mortgage Rates Today
CBI Bank & Trust mortgage rates today are very good right now and best of all you can get a good mortgage rate with no points. Current mortgage rates at CBI Bank & Trust for 30 year conventional loans are at 4.50 percent with no points and only $500 in fees. Today’s mortgage rates from CBI Bank […] ... Read more
E*Trade Savings Rates
E*Trade savings rates are competitive right not but are not the best savings rates available. Current savings rates at E*TRADE are at 1.88 percent with and APY of 1.90 percent. To earn this great savings rate from E*TRADE you only need one $1 to open and fund an account. Compare E*TRADE savings rates with other […] ... Read more
CD Rates in Florida | Best CD Rates Today
CD rates in Florida have been moving higher for about three years now. If the Fed increases the fed funds rate this month we can expect even better CD rates before the end of the year. Right now the best CD rates in Florida on 12 month CDs are just below 3.00 percent at 2.86 […] ... Read more
Marcus by Goldman Sachs CD Rates Review
Marcus by Goldman Sachs CD Rates are competitive for both short and long term CDs but the best CD rate is the 1 year rate. Current 1 year CD rates at Marcus by Goldman Sachs (used to do business as Goldman Sachs Bank USA) are at 2.52 percent with an APY of 2.55 percent. 2 […] ... Read more
Mortgage Rates in New York | NY Home Loans Today
You can find low mortgage rates today in New York if you do some research online to get the best mortgage rates. New York mortgage rates today on 30 year conforming loans can be found as low as 4.375 percent with .10 mortgage points. On 15 year conforming loans, the lowest New York mortgage rates […] ... Read more
Money Market Rates in Florida – Best FL Rate Alert
Money market rates in Florida are moving higher these days and have recently made new highs. The best Florida money market rates are at 2.40 percent from MysavingsDirect. The second best money market rate in Florida is at 2.36 percent from Popular Direct. You can search for and compare money market rates in FL here […] ... Read more
USAA CD Rates Move Higher
USAA CD rates moved higher over night and are now some of the best CD rates available from an online bank. 3 year CD rates at USAA were increased 7 basis points and are now at 2.48 percent with an APY of 2.51 percent. 5 year CD Rates from USAA were increased .10 percent and […] ... Read more

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