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Alabama Credit Union Certificate of Deposit Rates

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alabama-credit-union-certificate-of-deposit-ratesAlabama Credit Union is advertising some of the best certificate of deposit rates available. Right now the best CD rate and yield offered by Alabama Credit Union is on their 7 months certificate of deposit. The current CD rate is 1.50%. The minimum opening deposit is $5,000.

You will have to join Alabama Credit Union to open a certificate of deposit account.  When you join you will also have to open a savings account with a $25.00 deposit. There is also a $1.00 membership fee. More information on becoming a member here : Alabama Credit Union.

The credit union is advertising certificates of deposit and IRA certificates of deposit with terms ranging from 6 months to 5 years. All certificate of deposit accounts have a minimum opening deposit of $500 with the exception of the 7 months certificate.

Credit Union CD rates and CD yields:

  • 6 months CD 1.25% rate 1.25% APY

  • 7 months CD 1.50% rate 1.50% APY  $5,000 min

  • 12 months CD 1.60% rate 161% APY

  • 15 months CD 1.75% rate 1.76% APY

  • 24 months CD 1.75% rate 1.76% APY

  • 30 months CD 1.90% rate 1.91% APY

  • 36 months CD 2.00% rate 2.02% APY

  • 48 months CD 2.50% rate 2.52% APY

  • 60months CD 2.75% rate 2.78% APY

All certificates of deposit are insured by the NCUA for up to $250,000. For more information on opening a certificate of deposit account visit Alabama Credit Union: Alabama Credit Union
Author: Brian McKay
March 10th, 2010