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Northwest Hills Credit Union Savings Rates and Money Market Rates: HSA Rates at 2.00%

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Northwest Hills Credit Union, based in Torrington, Connecticut, is advertising several different savings rates and money market rates. Share Savings rates include Club Savings rates, IRA Savings rates and HSA savings rates. Northwest Hills Credit Union is also advertising money market account rates with tiered interest rates.

Northwest Hills Credit Union's best savings rate is on their Health Savings. The current HSA rate is 2.00 percent with an HSA yield of 2.02 percent. If you need an HSA this is one of the highest savings rates out there right now.

Northwest Hills Credit Union’s share savings rates for account balances of $500 to $24,999 is 0.25 percent with a savings yield of 0.25 percent. Share savings rates for account balances of $25,000 or more (mini-jumbo savings) is 0.50 percent with a yield of 0.50 percent.

Club savings rates and IRA savings rates are currently at 0.50 percent with a savings yield of 0.50 percent. The minimum balance to earn the rate and yield on a Club Savings is $500. IRA Savings has a minimum balance of only $5.

Northwest Hills Credit Union’s money market rates for account balances of $1,000 to $49,999 currently earn a money market account rate of 0.25 percent with a money market yield of 0.25 percent.  Money market accounts with balances of $50,000 (mini-jumbo money market) or more earn an MMA rate of 0.50 percent with an yield of 0.50 percent.
Author: Lisa Graham
January 17th, 2011