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MySavingsDirect CD Rates: 6-Month Term 065% APY (Nationwide)

MySavingsDirect CD rates on the bank's 6-Month Term CD is very competitive, the current CD rate is 0.65 percent. This really good CD rate is available nationwide when you open a new certificate of deposit with MySavingsDirect. Besides this 6-month CD rate, MySavingsDirect is also offering some of the best CD rates for intermediate term and long-term CD rates.

In addition to one of the highest 6-months CD rates around, MySavingsDirect offers many other CDs, the complete list of terms and rates are below.

My Savings Direct Rates

MySavingsDirect CD Summary

  • 6-Month 0.65%
  • 30-Month 1.50%
  • 60 to 120-Month 2.00%

As you can see, MySavingsDirect CD rates are available for any length of term of 5-years to 10-years.

MySavingsDirect Best CD Rates

The best CD rates available at MySavingsDirect is the 6-month rate at 0.65 percent.


CD rates are rising right now and will continue to go higher in 2022 and 2023 because the Federal Reserve is increasing the fed funds rate to stave of inflation. Keeping that in mind, I would stick with shorter-term certificates of deposit, I wouldn't lock my funds up in a long-term CD. For that reason, the best CD rate and term available at MySavingsDirect is the 6-month rate.

Author: Brian McKay
June 30th, 2022