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Comenity Direct CD Rates

Comenity Direct CD RatesComenity Direct just launched several different certificates of deposit with some of the best CD rates available right now. 1 year CD rates at Comenity Direct are the highest 1 year rate on our list at 1.86 percent. Comenity Direct is the online banking division of Comenity Capital Bank.

You probably haven't heard of Comenity Capital Bank before but you might already have a relationship with them. The bank offers credit card services to 145 different retailers serving more than 50 million customers. Chances are you have a retailer credit card that is being serviced by Comenity Capital Bank.

2 year CD rates at Comenity Direct are currently at 2.98 percent, which places the bank in the top spot on our 2 year rate list. 3 year CD rates are at 3.05 percent, 4 year CD rates are at 3.10 percent, and 5 year CD rates are at 3.15 percent.
Author: Brian McKay
April 22nd, 2019