Chartway Credit Union CD Rates 5.30% APY 13-Month Certificate (CDs)

Chartway Credit Union CD rates on the credit union's special promotional certificates (CDs) are very competitive for short-term CDs. Today's 13-month CD rates at Chartway Credit Union are at 5.30% APY. If you like the 5.30% APY but are looking for a longer-term CD you're in luck, Chartway CU is also offering a 23-month certificate with the 5.30% APY.

There is an even longer term CD, Chartway's 50-month certificate has an APY of 5.00%, not has high but one of the best rates available when compared to similar 48-month term CDs. In fact, that 5.00% rate puts makes Chartway tied for 2nd place on our 48-month rate list.

You can view a complete list of Chartway Credit Union CD rates below and compare those rates to other credit unions.

Charway Credit Union (Certificate) CD Rates

  • 13-Month: 5.20% APY
  • 23-Month: 5.20% APY
  • 50-Month: 4.91% APY
  • 6-11 Month: 1.39% APY
  • 12-17 Month: 2.33% APY
  • 18-23 Month: 1.74% APY
  • 24-35 Month: 2.23% APY
  • 36-47 Month: 2.13% APY
  • 48-59 Month: 2.13% APY
  • 60-71 Month: 2.13% APY
  • 12 Month No Penalty: 3.45% APY
  • Disclosure Details

  • $500 minimum balance to open (or $100 if under 18)
  • Penalties apply for early withdrawal
  • Rates can change
  • Certificates must be funded with new deposits
  • Renewal rates follow current term-specific rates
  • Not offered in VA, NC, UT, NV, or TX
  • Additional Points

  • Dividends are quarterly compounded
  • Pre-August 1, 2013 legacy certificates get a 0.25% rate boost, except for $90,000+ tiers
  • Renewing certificates earn a 0.10% rate bonus, some exceptions apply
  • To get current rates, call (800) 678-8765. Effective dates: 13 and 23-month promotional certificates as of May 30, 2023; 50-month promotional certificates as of September 18, 2023. Chartway can change or end offers.

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    Author: Brian McKay
    October 12th, 2023