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Share Certificate Rates (CD Rates) at Louisiana Federal Credit Union (FCU)

Some of the highest share certificate rates (CD Rates) can be found at Louisiana Federal Credit Union of LaPlace, Louisiana. When we first profiled LFUC back in May of 2012 the credit union was offering some of the best share certificate rates ( best CD rates).

LFCU certificates are still available in terms ranging between 90 days to 60 months and the minimum opening balance for certificates of deposit remains at $1,000. 

The shortest term certificate rate, 90 days, is currently at 0.35 percent with an APY of 0.35 percent. Of course that rate is lower than the rate back in May of 2010 which was 1.00 percent. A 0.35 percent rate is still better than most 3 month CD rates at banks these days.

On the long end of the spectrum, 60 month share certificates the interest rate over two years ago was 2.96 percent with an APY of 3.00 percent. Back then that was one of the best CD interest rates around from any credit union or bank. Right now the 60 month share certificate rate is 1.75 percent with an APY of 1.76 percent.

Share Certificate Rates (CD Rates) at Louisiana Federal Credit Union

  • 90 Day CD Rate 0.35 APY 0.35%

  • 6 Month CD Rate 0.50% APY 0.50%

  • 1 Year CD Rate 0.75% APY 0.75%

  • 18 Month CD Rate 1.00% APY 1.00%

  • 2 Year CD Rate 1.20% APY 1.20%

  • 3 Year CD Rate 1.40% APY 1.40%

  • 4 Year CD Rate 1.60% APY 1.61%

  • 5 Year CD Rate 1.75% APY 1.76%

As with any credit union you have to join LFCU to open a share certificate account and as with any credit union there are membership requirements that need to be met in order to join. For more information about joining and a current list of share certificate rates go to
Author: Jason P. Jones
July 4th, 2012