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CD Rates at Banks on 6 Month CDs: Best APY at 0.90%

The current FDIC national average 6 month CD rate is a paltry 0.18 percent. The national average jumbo CD rate isn't much better at 0.19 percent. You can find 6 month CD rates at banks higher than these averages and some banks are offering 6 month rates higher than most 12 month bank CD rates.

The highest CD rates on our rate list for 6 month certificates of deposit are just below 1.00 percent. Ascencia Bank is currently offering 6 month CD bank rates at 0.90 percent with an APY of 0.90 percent. That rate is higher than the FDIC's national average 4 year CD rate of 0.81 percent.

The second best CD rate on our 6 month rate list is from three different banks. Able Banking CD rates, Colorado FSB CD rates and EH National Bank CD rates are all at 0.80 percent with an APY of 0.80 percent.

Top 6 Month CD Rates at Banks

  • Ascencia Bank Rate 0.90% APY 0.90%

  • AbleBanking Rate 0.80% APY 0.80%

  • Colorado FSB Rate 0.80% APY 0.80%

  • EH National Bank Rate 0.80% APY 0.80%

  • AloStar Bank of Commerce Rate 0.76% APY 0.76%

  • Discover Bank CD Rates 0.75% APY 0.75%

  • Doral Bank CD Rates 0.75% APY 0.75%

  • Ally Bank CD Rates 0.74% APY 0.74%

As you can see there are many different 6 month bank CD rates well above the national average rate. You can search for CD interest rates from many different banks using our rate lists. Right now CIT Bank CD rates on 1 year certificates of deposit are at 1.09 percent with an APY of 1.10 percent, the highest 1 year rate on our list.
Author: Jason P. Jones
July 27th, 2012