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Best CD Rates in California – Highest 12 Month APY at 1.15%

Interest rates on all bank deposit products including CD rates, savings rates and money market account rates have been at or near historic lows in California or any other state for that matter. Even the highest CD rates around are not so high. For example, right now on our rate tables Doral Bank has the best CD rate on a 12 month certificate of deposit in the state of California is at 1.14 percent with an APY of 1.15 percent.

A 12 month rate at 1.14 percent granted isn't much but when you compare it to the FDIC's national average 12 month bank CD rate of .019 percent it looks a lot better. To make the rate sound even better you can say when have you ever seen a rate that is almost 6 times the national average rate?

Other Banks and credit unions in California offering the highest 12 month rates on our table include CIT Bank 12 month CD rates at 1.09 percent with an APY of 1.10 percent (min balance $25K).

The third best CD rate on our list in CA comes from American Plus Bank. The bank's current 1 year CD rate is offered at 1.05 percent with an APY of 1.06 percent.

Two bank's rates are tied for fourth place on our CA rate list. MetLife Bank CD interest rates and Colorado Federal Savings Bank CD rates are both going for 1.04 percent with an APY of 1.05 percent.

The fifth top rate is from EH National Bank at 1.03 percent with an APY of 1.04 percent. Two banks have the sixth best rate on our list. Both Ally Bank CD rates and American Continental Bank CD rates are at 1.02 percent with an APY of 1.03 percent.

AloStar Bank of Commerce has the seventh highest rate at 1.00 percent with an APY of 1.02 percent. For eight place we have Barclays Bank CD interest rates and Ascencia offering 12 month rates at 1.00 percent with an APY of 1.00 percent.

If you see a rate higher than these top California 12 month CD rates contact us and let us know. We will post the bank or credit union rate so all Californians can benefit.
Author: Jason P. Jones
June 15th, 2012