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Houston, TX Auto Loan Rates

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Right now on our auto loan rates list in Houston, Texas, Bank of America Tops our list of 5 year new auto loans. Bank of America is offering 5 year new auto loan rates at 3.49 percent. A 5 year auto loan for $15,000 at 3.49 percent makes the monthly car payments $447.03.

Second on our list of used auto loan rates in Houston, TX is USAA FSB with a 5 year new auto loan rate of 4.04 percent. USAA FSB will finance up to 100% for qualified applicants. USAA FSB is also offering a 0.25 percent auto loan rate discount. If you already have a car loan and want to refinance the auto loan USAA also offers refinance auto loans.  

Third on our list of new auto loan rates in Houston is Frost Bank with an auto loan rate of 5.99 percent. Frost also has a auto rate discount of 0.25 percent when you have your monthly auto payments deducted from a Frost Bank checking account or savings account.

Whitney National Bank is fourth on our list of rates. Whitney National Bank is offering 60 month new auto loans at a rate of 6.45 percent. Whitney National Bank is also offering a 0.25 percent discount if you have your monthly car payments automatically deducted from a Whitney National Bank checking account.

The fifth bank on our list is Comerica Bank with an car loan rate of 6.49 percent. Comerica Bank offers a .50 percent discount for having a payment automatically deducted.

Author: Robert Till
January 26th, 2011

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