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Auto Loan Rates San Jose

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Right now on our auto loan rate list in San Jose, California, Los Angeles Firemen’s Credit Unoin has the lowest auto loan rate. LA Firemen’s 4 year new auto loan rate is 1.99 percent with no discount points. That is one of the best auto loan rates available right now.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union has the second best auto loan rate on our 4 year new auto loan list in San Jose, CA. PenFed’s current 4 year new auto loan rate is 2.99 percent with no discount points.

Coming in third place on our list of rates in San Jose is ChevronTexaco Federal Credit Union. ChevronTexaco’s current 4 year new car loan rate is  3.09 percent with 0.50 discount points.

The fourth lowest 4 year new auto loan rate on our list is LA Federal Credit Union. LA FCU’s current rate is 3.375 percent with 0.375 discount points.

Rounding out the top five rates is Bank of America, the only bank in the top 5 rates. Bank of America’s current 48 month new auto loan rate is 3.49 percent.

Each credit union has different requirements for membership.

San Jose, California Auto Loan Rates

LA Firemen’s CU 1.99% Discount Points 0.00%
Pentagon Federal Credit Union 2.99% Discount Points 0.00%
ChevronTexaco FCU 3.09% Discount Points 0.5%
Patelco CU 3.35% Discount Points 0.1%
LA FCU 3.38% Discount Points 0.375%
Bank of America 3.49% Discount Points 0.00%
Golden 1 CU 3.74% Discount Points 0.25%
Contra Costa FCU 3.75% Discount Points 0.00%
Patelco CU 3.85% Discount Points 0.1%
Safe CU 3.95% Discount Points 0.5%
nuVision Financial CU 4.45% Discount Points 0.25%
Bank of the West 4.99% Discount Points 0.25%
California Bank & Trust 5.10% Discount Points 0.25%
California Credit Union 5.24% Discount Points 0.5%
Pacific Service CU 5.24% Discount Points 1.00%
First Bank 5.75% Discount Points 0.25%
Westamerica Bank 6.54% Discount Points 0.00%
HSBC 8.99% Discount Points 2.00%

Author: Jason P. Jones
February 14th, 2011

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