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Auto Loan Rates: Average Rates This Week

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The current average auto loan rate on our 3 year new auto loan rate table is 5.053 percent. Again, these are the average rates so you can find rates a lot lower than the average. Right now on our California auto loan rate table there are several credit unions offering 3 year new auto loan rates around 3.00%.

Penfed is offering 3 year new auto loan rates at 2.99 percent for a $20,000 car loan. Penfed is also offering 100 percent financing if you qualify.

ChevronTexaco FCU is offering 3 year rates at 3.09 percent for a $20,000 car loan. ChevronTexaco FCU is also offering a .50 percent discount on the auto rate and 100 percent  financing.

If your in the market for a used auto loan we have a list of 4 year used auto loan rates. The current average 4 year used auto loan rate is 5.536 percent but Penfed is also offering 4 year used auto rates at 2.99 percent with 100 percent financing. Patelco Credit Union is offering 4 year used auto loan rates at 3.15 percent.

This Week’s Average Auto Loan Rates

  • New Auto Loan – 3 Year 5.05%
  • New Auto Loan – 4 Year 5.16%
  • New Auto Loan – 5 Year 5.28%
  • Used Auto Loan – 4 Year 5.54%


Author: Jason P. Jones
December 31st, 2010

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