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Nationwide Bank Mortgage Rates – 15 Year Rates at 3.00 Percent

Nationwide Bank (NMLS #769318), a federally chartered savings bank, is offering some very competitive mortgage rates. Nationwide Bank's 15 year mortgage rate is particularly appealing at 3.00 percent with 0.5 mortgage points. The 3.00 percent rate is for both home purchases and refinancing.

Getting a shorter term mortgage, such as a 15 year instead of a 30 year loan, can save you a lot of money. Depending on the loan amount, you can save tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest payments over the life of the loan. The only downside is your monthly mortgage payments will be somewhat higher.

The current lowest advertised rate on Nationwide Bank's website is on their 5 year adjustable jumbo loan. Today's advertised rate is at 2.625 percent with 1 mortgage point. The bank's highest advertised rate today is at 5.00 percent with 0.25 percent for a 30 year jumbo loan.

Nationwide Bank MortgagesCurrent Mortgage Rates at Nationwide Bank

Conforming Loans

  • 30 year fixed 3.875% with 0.5 points
  • 15 year fixed 3.00% with 0.5 points
  • 5 year ARM 3.00% no points
  • 7 year ARM 3.00% with 0.25 points
  • 10 year ARM 3.125% with 0.25 points

Jumbo Loans

  • 30 Year fixed 4.88% with 1 point
  • 15 Year fixed 3.88% with 0.75 points
  • 7 year ARM 2.75% with 0.875 points
  • 5 Year ARM 2.63% with 1 point

You can check a complete listing of mortgage rates on the bank's website at Nationwide Bank Mortgages.

Author: Brian McKay
November 6th, 2015