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Merrick Bank CD Rates

Merrick Bank CD rates are currently at 2.10 percent for a 1-year certificate of deposit, 2.10 percent is one of the more competitive CD rates in this rising interest rate environment. Merrick Bank also offers a few other certificates of deposits, ranging from 6 months to 60 months. All CD rates at Merrick Bank are competitive, in fact, their CD rates are on the higher end of rates available.

Again, the CD rates at Merrick Bank are competitive and much higher than the current national average CD rates available. The current FDIC national average 12-month CD rate is a mere 0.25, almost 1/10th Merrick Bank's 12-month CD rate.

Merrick Bank CD Summary

All Rates:

  • 6 Month 1.35%
  • 12 Month 2.10%
  • 18 Month 2.45%
  • 24 Month 2.87%
  • 36 Month 3.05%
  • 48 Month 3.05%
  • 60 Month 3.20%

Merrick Bank CD rates are really high right now when compared to the national average rates and other bank's rates. Merrick Bank customer service representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday (except holidays), 8:00 AM CT – 6:00 PM CT at 1-866-638-6851.

Merrick Bank Best CD Rates

When comparing all of Merrick Bank high-yielding certificates of deposit, the bank's 5-year CD rates are the highest at 3.20 percent.


Merrick Bank has many certificates of deposit terms to choose from, with different CD interest rates. Merrick Bank is also offering a special rate on their 18-month CD with a rate of 2.45 percent. With Merrick Bank, you're getting higher CD rates than the national average rates, in addition, the CD accounts have excellent features. If you’re looking for other bank's CD rates, you can view our list of National CD rates to get the best rates today.

Author: Brian McKay
June 29th, 2022