BMO Harris Bank CD Rates

BMO Harris Bank CD rates have been competitive over the past year and the rates have been increased again, making them even more competitive. The special CD rates include a 13-month CD rate of 4.30%, 25-month CD rate of 4.30%, a 35-month CD rate of 4.30%, a 45-month CD rate of 4.40%, and a 59-month CD rate of 4.50%. A minimum of deposit of $1,000 is required to earn any of the rates and terms listed.

BMO Harris Bank also offers the option to automatically renew CDs at maturity, giving you the convenience of continuing to earn interest without having to take any action. Additionally, you can access their CD account information online or through the BMO Harris Bank mobile app, making it easy to manage their savings.

It's important to note that CD rates are subject to change at any time, so you should check BMO Harris Bank's website or contact a representative for the most up-to-date information. Overall, BMO Harris Bank's CD rates are competitive and offer you a reliable way to save and earn interest on their money.

BMO Harris Bank provides certificates of deposit (CDs) that offer you high returns on their savings by agreeing to leave their funds untouched until maturity. BMO Harris CDs have fixed annual percentage yields (APYs) and terms, which enables you to calculate the amount of interest you'll earn over the term. Interest on BMO Harris CDs is compounded daily and credited at maturity for terms less than one year or quarterly for terms longer than one year.

Unlike many other banks, BMO Harris doesn't charge monthly fees to maintain CD accounts. However, if you need to access CD funds before the end of the agreed-upon term, BMO Harris will charge an early withdrawal penalty of up to 545 days' worth of interest for a CD term of 48 months or longer.

Early withdrawal penalty CD Term Interest Penalty

  • 1 month (7 – 59 days) You will be charged all interest earned
  • 2 months –11 months (60 days –up to and including 364 days) You will be charged 90 days interest
  • 12 – 23 months You will be charged 180 days interest
  • 24– 35 months You will be charged 270 days interest
  • 36–47 months You will be charged 365 days interest
  • 48 months or longer You will be charged 545 days interes

BMO Harris CDs have automatic renewal at maturity, with a 10-day grace period after completion of the term for you to add or withdraw funds or close the account.

With a range of terms, BMO Harris CDs provide options to meet almost every savings need, and they offer high APYs with relatively low minimum requirements. Although comparable high-yield CDs without minimum deposit requirements are also available, BMO Harris' CD rates are more than competitive with top online banks and much higher than the national average, according to recent FDIC data.

BMO Harris is a full-service bank offering personal banking products and services, as well as commercial and investment banking options, and serves over 12 million customers across North America. As the eighth-largest bank in North America by assets, it has a rich history that dates back to the early 1800s when it was known as Montreal Bank, Canada's first bank.

Author: Brian McKay
April 9th, 2023