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E-Loan.com CD Rate Changes

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E-Loan.com's 6 month rate was more than doubled from 0.40 percent to 0.85 percent. E-Loan.com also made rate changes to their short and long-term certificates of deposit, in which all other CD rates were lowered.

E-Loan.com is a subsidiary of Banco Popular North America (BPNA), an FDIC-member institution. Banco Popular North America's FDIC Cert number is 34967.  BPNA is a New York state chartered bank that also has its headquarters in New York City.

Listed below are the most recent CD rates changes at E-Loan.com. All of E-Loan's current CD rates are listed in the second table below.

Recent CD Rate Changes at E-Loan.com

BankProductRate (new / old)Yield (new / old)
E-Loan6 month CD0.85 / 0.400.85 / 0.40
E-Loan1 yr CD1.25 / 1.291.26 / 1.3
E-Loan2 yr CD1.49 / 1.511.5 / 1.52
E-Loan3 yr CD1.66 / 1.831.67 / 1.85
E-Loan5 yr CD2.08 / 2.422.1 / 2.45
E-Loan4 yr CD1.74 / 1.981.75 / 2.00

Current CD Rates at E-Loan.com

CD Product TermRateAPY
1 Month CD0.05%0.05%
2 Month CD0.05%0.05%
3 Month CD0.25%0.25%
6 Month CD0.85%0.85%
9 Month CD0.45%0.45%
1 Year CD1.25%1.26%
18 Month CD1.34%1.35%
2 Year CD1.49%1.50%
3 Year CD1.74%1.75%
4 Year CD1.74%1.75%
5 Year CD2.08%2.10%
6 Year CD1.54%1.55%


Author: Brian McKay
April 26th, 2016