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Chrysler Auto Loans

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chrysler-auto-loansIn case you haven’t heard the news, Chrysler LLC is in bankruptcy. The financial arm of Chrysler, Chrysler Financial is not in bankruptcy.

Chrysler Financial is still offering auto loans. If you already have a car loan with Chrysler Financial continue to make payments on time, Chrysler LLC’s bankruptcy filling doesn’t release you of your financial obligation. 

Some people might be nervous about buying a car from a bankrupt auto company but you can find good deals and good financing, plus the government is guaranteeing car warranties. One downside is when you need your car serviced you’ll have to travel further to do so since Chrysler is closing 25 percent of it’s dealerships, 789 dealers in all. Now back to Chrysler auto loans.

Chrysler Financial’s website is very intuative and provides tons of information on buying a car. You can also check for current incentives buy zip code, make and model of car. We found tons of cash back incentives, including $2,000 cash back for buying a Grand Caravan. The auto loan rates Chrysler Financial is offering are very competitive for 36 month auto loans, 48 month auto loans, 60 month auto loans and 72 month auto loans.

Author: Lisa Graham
May 16th, 2009

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