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Auto Insurance – Finding the Best Auto Insurance Rates

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finding-the-best-auto-insurance-ratesFinding the best auto insurance rates available these days to insure your vehicle is a lot easier than it used to be. You can search and compare auto insurance rates from several insurance companies by using comparison shopping sites.

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Car insurance is a must to protect yourself and others from bodily injury or property damage if you're involved in an accident. Most states will not allow you to register your car until you show proof of insurance. 

Figuring out how much auto insurance you need to protect your family will be the biggest decision you make. Each state has a minimum amount of auto insurance you can carry which can be a starting point for you but you will have to decide on the types of auto insurance coverage and the amounts you feel comfortable having. Error on the side of having to much car insurance coverage, you will be better off if you do have an accident.

Types of auto insurance include collision insurance, which pays for damage to your auto and any other auto or object you have an accident with.  If your auto is financed with a bank the bank will require you to maintain a certain level of coverage to protect their interests just in case of damage  to the vehicle.

Comprehensive auto insurance pays for damage or loss to your vehicle from other sources other than a collision. Banks will also require you to have comprehensive coverage if your auto is financed. Medical insurance coverage pays for a limited medical expenses for you or a passenger is injured in an accident.

You can also purchase insurance coverage for towing expenses and rental car expenses during the time your car is being repaired. Car insurance policies will pay a certain daily dollar amount for a rental car for a certain amount of time, usually for a month. Since the additional insurance costs for towing and a rental car isn't much I recommend getting both types of insurance coverage.

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Author: Robert Till
September 10th, 2009