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Pittsburgh CD Rates

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Right now on our list of CD rates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we found Ally Bank the best rate. Ally Bank's 6 month CD rate is currently at 1.04 percent with a CD yield of 1.04 percent. The current national average 6 month CD interest rate is 0.41 percent, less than half Ally's rate. The second highest 6 month rate on our list in Pittsburgh, PA is from Discover Bank and Nationwide Bank. Both bank's are offering 6 month bank CD rates at 0.90 percent with a bank CD yield of 0.90 percent. has third best CD rate on our list in Pittsburgh. The bank's current 6 month rate is 0.85 percent with a 6 month CD yield of 0.85 percent.

The fourth highest CD rate on our list is from AIG Bank. The bank is offering 6 month rates at 0.80 percent with a yield of 0.80 percent. Rounding out the top five interest rates is Pentagon Federal Credit Union, ING Direct, Bank of Internet and First Internet Bank of IN all have 6 month rates at 0.75 percent with a yield of 0.75 percent.

CD Rates Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ally Bank 1.04% Min $ 1 
Discover Bank 0.90% Min $2500 6 mo
Nationwide Bank 0.90% Min $10,000 0.85% Min $2500 
AIG Bank 0.80% Min $2500 
PenFed 0.75% Min $1000 
ING DIRECT 0.75% Min $ 1 
First Internet Bank of IN 0.75% Min $1000 
Bank of Internet USA 0.75% Min $1000 
Flagstar Bank 0.70% Min $500 
EverBank 0.70% Min $1500 
Ameriprise Bank FSB 0.70% Min $10,000
Author: Brian McKay
February 13th, 2011