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Nara Bank 12 months CD

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Nara Bank is offering a 12 months certificate of deposit that has an annual percentage yield of 3.10% as of March 9th, 2009. One of the best cd rates available today. Nara Bank has it's headquarters in Los Angeles California and has branch locations in Southern California, the New York City area and Brick, New Jersey.

The bank's "Mega Promo CD" has some unconventional features for a CD. You can make unlimited deposits after opening the CD. You can also make up to three penalty free withdrawals before maturity.  The minimum deposit is $10,000.

The bank waives the withdrawal penalty if a withdrawal is made after the first six days of the account term or if maintain a balance of equal to or greater than 70% of the initial opening deposit. You will also have to maintain 70% of the initial opening deposit to receive the 3.10% APY.

You can visit a local branch or call 213-639-1700 to see if these CD deal is offered in your area.
Author: Jason P. Jones
April 11th, 2009