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EverBank CD Rates

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EverBank headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, is advertising some very competitive CD rates. EverBank is advertising four different types of certificates of deposit. The bank is offering Yield Pledge CDs, CDARS CDs, MarketSafe CDs and WorldCurrency CDs.

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EverBank's 3 month Yield Pledge CD rate is currently at 0.70 percent with an annual percentage yield of 0.70 percent. 12 month Yield Pledge CD rates are at 1.20 percent with an APY of 1.21 percent.

EverBank Yield Pledge CD Rates and APY

  • 3 Month CD Rates 0.70% APY 0.70%

  • 6 Month CD Rates 0.85% APY 0.85%

  • 9 Month CD Rates 0.99% APY 0.99%

  • 1 Year CD Rates 1.20% APY 1.21%

  • 1.5 Year CD Rates 1.35% APY 1.36%

  • 2 Year CD Rates 1.70% APY 1.71%

  • 2.5 Year CD Rates 1.90% APY 1.92%

  • 3 Year CD Rates 1.90% APY 1.92%

  • 4 Year CD Rates 1.99% APY 2.01%

  • 5 Year CD Rates 2.76% APY 2.80%

The Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS) certificates of deposit are insured for up to $50 million by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The minimum opening deposit for a CDARS CD at EverBank is $10,000. For more information on CDARS visit:

EverBank CDARS CD Rates and APY

  • 3 month Bank CD Rates 0.24% APY 0.24%

  • 6 month Bank CD Rates 0.46% APY 0.46%

  • 1 year Bank CD Rates 0.81% APY 0.81%

  • 2 year Bank CD Rates 1.07% APY 1.08%

  • 3 year Bank CD Rates 1.44% Rate 1.45%

EverBank's MarketSafe certificates of deposit are designed to keep your principal 100% safe (FDIC insured) but still have an opportunity to earn a higher rate than a traditional certificate of deposit. Your return will be based on the performance of a specific reference index.

EverBank's WorldCurrency Certificates of Deposit give you the opportunity to earn a higher CD rate and benefit from the appreciation of currencies against the U.S. dollar. The dollar could also appreciate and cause you to lose some of your principal. 

More information about EverBank's certificates of deposit and a list of the bank's current CD interest rates can be found at
Author: Brian McKay
July 15th, 2010