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Comenity Direct CD Rates

Comenity Direct CD RatesComenity Direct CD rates are really competitive right now, especially on the bank's 12 month certificates of deposit. Right now, 12 month CD rates at Comenity Direct are at 2.76 percent with an APY of 2.80 percent. Their 12 month CD rates are almost 5 times the FDIC's Weekly National Rate of 0.58 percent.

You probably haven't heard of Comenity Direct but chances are you already have a banking relationship with them. Comenity has been in business since 1986 and is the banking partner for many of the most recognized retail credit cards in the world. 50 million people carry Comenity's private label, co-brand, and business credit cards in their wallets, retailers such as Ann Taylor, Eddie Bauer, and Williams Sonoma, to name a few.

CD rates from Comenity Direct

  • 12 Month 2.80%

  • 24 Month 2.85%

  • 36 Month 2.90%

  • 48 Month 2.95%

  • 60 Month 3.05%

To get the best deal on a certificate of deposit account compare other banks' CD rates with Comenity Direct CD rates.
Author: Brian McKay
July 11th, 2019