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LendingClub Savings Rates: 1.26% APY (Nationwide)

LendingClub savings rates on the bank's high yield savings account is one of the better savings rates currently available. Savings rates at LendingClub are at 1.25 percent with a 1.26 percent annual percentage yield. LendingClubs savings rate is more than 15x the FDIC national average rate. In addition, there is no minimum balance to earn that rate after a minimum of $100 to open the account.

LendingClub Rates

LendingClub Best Savings Rates

  • Savings Rate 1.26% APY

Having a rate 15x the national average rate makes Lending Club Savings Rates one of the best savings rates around.

LendingClub Savings Account Summary

  • 1.26% savings rate on your entire balance (after opening with $100)
  • No minimum balance requirement after $100 to open
  • There are no monthly service fees
  • Free ATM card available
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to open a savings account
  • Online account access
  • Mobile app account access
  • Free transfers
Author: Brian McKay
July 4th, 2022