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Where are the Best Savings Account Rates

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where-are-the-best-savings-account-ratesFinding the best savings account rates has become easier over the past several years, although savings rates are very low right now.

Most banks now offer online savings accounts or internet savings accounts that have rates at are higher than their regular savings accounts and money market accounts. (Traditional being their brick and mortar bank branch rates.)

Comparing savings account rates is easy to do with various tools. offers a savings account research tool that allows you to search and compare savings account rates from several banks in a savings rate table we provide for free here.

Savings Rates/Money Market Rates

The average savings account rate is currently under one percent - not much of a return on your money these days. You can find rates a lot higher than the national averages for savings accounts. Some banks offer high yield savings account, Ally Bank (formerly GMAC Bank) is offering a high savings account that currently yields 2.05 percent. AIG Bank is also offering a savings account that currently yields just over two percent for balances over $50,000. One can open a savings account online with either bank.

Banks are also offering a combination checking savings account that have yields that are even higher than two percent. With combination checking savings accounts, one usually has to meet a certain monthly transaction requirement such as a direct deposit or a certain number of debt card transactions.

Compare Savings Account Rates and Money Market Account Rates.

Comparison Rate Tool
Author: Lisa Graham
June 12th, 2009