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Top Variable Deposit Rates in the Georgia Region

Regional banks and credit unions are offering better deposit rates these days. These regional financial institutions offer rates higher than the big national banks but lower than rates offered by online banks. The best rates available are from online banks but you will be sacrificing personalized service.

It's usually best to have a deposit account at a regional bank if you need a more personalized banking relationship and have a need for face-to-face customer support.

The highest regional rate in Georgia in our rate database is on a money market account from Affinity Bank at 0.50 percent for deposits of $2,500 or more. Affinity Bank's current savings rate is slightly lower at 0.40 percent with a minimum deposit of $1,000.

Listed below are the top savings rates and money market rates for the region around Georgia.

Georgia Variable Deposit Rates

  • Affinity Bank MMA Rate 0.50%
  • Affinity Bank Savings Rate 0.40%
  • Bank of Pensacola MMA Rate 0.20%
  • BlueHarbor Bank Savings Rate 0.20%
  • Delta Community Credit Union MMA Rate 0.20%
  • Georgia's Own Credit Union MMA Rate 0.20%
  • Patriot Bank MMA Rate 0.20%
  • Associated Credit Union Savings Rate 0.15%
  • Associated Credit Union MMA Rate 0.15%
  • Delta Community Credit Union Savings Rate 0.15%
  • LGE Community Credit Union MMA Rate 0.15%

You can see how these deposit rates compare with national online bank deposit rates by searching our Deposit Rate Database.

Author: Brian McKay
April 22nd, 2016