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Marcus Savings Rate: 2.50% APY Referral Bonus

Updated: Marcus' savings rate on the bank's online savings account has hit a new high of 2.20% 2.50% APY thanks to an additional 1.00% referral bonus. Marcus just increased their savings rate, right before the Federal Reserve is expected to increase the fed funds rate by 75 basis points. This new savings rate at Marcus is now the best savings rate on our rate table.

Marcus Rates

Marcus Bank Best Savings Rate

  • Macus Savings Rate 2.20% APY

Marcus Bank Savings Account Summary

Besides having one of the best savings rates around, the online savings account at Marcus also has no minimum balance and no account fees. The account also has same day transfers from other banks, which means you can credit for a deposit the same day you make the transaction, up to $100k.

Author: Brian McKay
July 26th, 2022