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Highest Deposit Rates This Week at 0.95% APY

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The best savings rates are at 0.95 percent and the best money market rates comes in at 0.90 percent. Average deposit rates on account balances of at least $10,000 remained at 0.45 percent this week. Listed below are the highest savings account rates and money market rates as of May 13, 2014.

Highest Savings Account Rates

  1. GE Capital Retail Bank Optimizer Plus Savings Rate 0.95%

  2. CIT Bank Savings Rates 0.95%

  3. GE Capital Bank Rates 0.90%

  4. Barclays Bank Savings Interest Rates 0.90%

  5. The Palladian Private Bank Interest Rates 0.90%

  6. Ally Bank Savings Rates 0.87%

  7. Colorado Federal Savings Bank Savings Rate 0.85%

  8. Discover Bank Savings Interest Rate 0.85%

  9. FNBO Direct Rate 0.85%

  10. American Express Bank Savings Account Rate 0.80%

Highest Money Market Rates

  1. Sallie Mae Money Market Rates 0.90%

  2. Ever Bank MMA Rates 0.86%

  3. Mutual of Omaha Bank MMA Rate 0.85%

  4. Union Federal Savings Bank Rate 0.85%

  5. Ally Bank MMA Rate 0.85%

  6. First Internet Bank of Indiana Rate 0.80%

  7. Able Banking, a division of Northeast Bank Rates 0.80%

  8. Bank of Internet USA Rates 0.75%

  9. Discover Bank Money Market Account Rates 0.70%

  10. Virtual Bank Rates 0.65%

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Author: Brian McKay
May 13th, 2014