Flagstar Bank Savings Rates 1.15%

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Flagstar Bank is offering a savings rate of 1.15% on the bank's Express Savings Account. That's one of the best savings rates available right now. The rate is a promotional savings rate that only last for 4 months. This savings account rate is guaranteed for 4 months after opening the account.

Flagstar Bank's 1.15% savings rate is guaranteed on balances up to and including $250,000. Savings account balances over $250,000 earn a 0.30% APY.

Once the promotional period has ended the savings account rate will revert to the current posted rate for the Express Savings account which is 0.75% as of today.  A 0.75% rate is on the higher end of savings account rates available right now and considerably higher than the FDIC's most recent national average savings rate of 0.10% (as of March 19, 2012).

The minimum opening deposit on the Express Savings Account for this 4 month promo savings rate is limited to one account per person.

For more information on this savings promo go to Flagstarbank.com.
Author: Lisa Graham
March 21st, 2012