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First Central Savings Bank Savings Account Rates and MMA Account Rates

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First Central Savings Bank of Glen Cove, New York, is advertising eight different types of savings accounts and a money market account. Each savings account has a different minimum balance requirement to earn the interest rate and APY.

The savings account rates are the same for their Passbook Savings, Statement Savings, Young Savers, Holiday Savings and Magellan Statement Savings accounts. The current savings rate is 0.50 percent with an annual percentage yield of 0.50 percent. Following is a list of current savings account rates.

Current Savings Account Rates and APY

  • Passbook Savings Account 0.50% Rate 0.50% APY

  • Statement Savings Account 0.50% Rate 0.50% APY

  • Young Savers Account 0.50% Rate 0.50% APY

  • Holiday Savings Account 0.50% Rate 0.50% APY

  • Jumbo Savings Account 1.00% Rate 1.00% APY

  • Supreme Statement Savings Account 0.40% Rate 0.40% APY

  • Magellan Statement Savings Account 0.50% Rate 0.50% APY

  • DaVinci Statement Savings Account 1.22% Rate 1.23% APY

The bank's money market account rates are tiered. The minimum money market account balance requirement is $500. Here is a current list of money market account rates.

Money Market Account Rates

  • Balances of $500 to $24,999 - 0.50  Rate 0.50% APY

  • Balances of $25,000 to $49,999 - 0.75% Rate 0.75% APY

  • Balances of $50,000 and Above - 1.00% Rate 1.00% APY

For more information about First Central Savings Bank, branch locations and current interest rates visit or call 1-866-400-FCSB (3272).

Author: Jason P. Jones
April 17th, 2010