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Evergeen Bank Group Savings Account Rates & MMA Rates

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Evergreen Bank Group, headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, is advertising savings accounts and money market account rates. Their money market account rates are currently better than their savings account rates.

Looking for savings account rates and money market account rates? Use our rate tables to find the best rates:

The bank is advertising two money market accounts, their Standard Money Market Account and a Cornerstone Money Market Account. For savings accounts, the bank is offering a Statement Savings Account, a Kids Statement Savings Account and a Christmas Club Savings Account.

The Standard Savings Account rate is currently at .85 percent with an annual percentage yield (APY) of .85 percent. Their best savings account rate are definitely better than the national average savings account rate.

The bank's Kids Statement Savings account is a custodial savings account. The current savings rate is 0.85 percent with an APY of 0.85 percent. The minimum opening deposit is $10.

Their Standard Money Market Account has the tiered interest rates. The best Standard MMA rate is for account balances of $10,000 or more. The minimum opening balance is of $1,000. Here are the current MMA rates:

  • 0.25% APY for minimum balance of $1,000

  • 0.50% APY for minimum balance of $5,000

  • 0.75% APY for minimum balance of $10,000

The bank's Cornerstone Money Market Account rates are higher than their Standard MMA rates. There is a minimum opening balance of $2,500. Following are the current Cornerstone MMA rates:

  • 0.75% APY for minimum balance of $2,500

  • 1.00% APY for minimum balance of $10,000

  • 1.15% APY for minimum balance of $25,000

The Christmas Club Savings Account has a minimum opening balance of $10. The current Christmas Club savings account rate and APY is 0.85%.

Evergeen Bank Group also is offering Business Savings Accounts and Business Money Market Accounts. For more information and current  interest rates, go to:
Author: Lisa Graham
April 5th, 2010