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Earn up to $250 with WTDirect’s Sign-On Bonus

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Update: WTDirect has ended this promotion.

Now through September 5th, when you open a WTDirect Savings Account you will receive a bonus based on your deposit amount.  Customers that keep a balance for 60 days earning WT Direct's high rate will receive a bonus of $100-$250.


Deposit and balance for 60 days             Bonus

$10,000                                                          $100

$15,000                                                          $150

$20,000                                                          $200

$25,000                                                          $250

Be sure to use the promotion code "WTF3SOB" when completing the online application!

Get a bonus of up to $250 when you open a WTDirect Online Savings Account
Author: Robert Till
August 25th, 2008