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Comenity Direct Savings Rates and Review

Comenity Direct Savings Rates and ReviewComenity Direct savings rates have gone down, but the bank's savings rates are still very competitive when compared with other online rates available. Savings rates at Comenity Direct are currently at 1.88 percent with an APY of 1.90 percent. That savings rate from Comenity Direct places the bank 5th on our rate table. The current national average savings rate is at 0.88 percent, less than half of the rate from Comenity Direct. You can easily compare current online savings rates available with Comenity Direct savings rates. If you do want to open an account with Comenity Direct, you can do so here:

Comenity Direct Rates

Comenity Direct Savings Summary

  • Open Now

  • Type of Account: Savings Account

  • Online Savings Deal APY: 1.90%

  • Opening Balance: $100

  • Maximum Balance: $10 Million

Other Rates:

  • 1-YEAR CD APY 2.10%

  • 2-YEAR CD APY 2.15%

  • 3-YEAR CD APY 2.20%

  • 4-YEAR CD APY 2.20%

  • 5-YEAR CD APY 2.20%

Availability: (Online)

Comenity Direct Best Savings Rates

The online savings account from Comenity Direct is overall one of the best savings rates and deal available right now. The minimum opening balance is only $100 and the maximum amount is $10 million but you probably want to stay below the FDIC insured limit of $250,000 for an account. If you deposit $25,000, keep that amount in the account for 12 months and the rate stays at 1.90 percent you will earn around $475 in interest. Since rates are always changing, you might want to compare rates online to make sure you are always getting the highest savings rates available.

Comenity Direct Savings Account Features and Benefits

You might not have heard of Comenity Direct since it's a relativity new bank which was created in 2018. The online bank is a division of Comentiy Bank, which has been in business for more than 30 years.

  • Interest accrued and compounded daily

  • Interest credited and posted monthly

  • No hidden fees, so you save more

  • Free monthly maintenance

  • Free ACH transfers

  • Free online statements

  • Free incoming wire transfers

  • Unlimited deposits via mobile check capture and ACH transfer

  • $25 outgoing wire transfer fee

  • $15 per official check request

  • $5 per statement copy request


Comenity Direct offers a high yield savings account and many CD account terms to choose from. All accounts have high interest rates if you’re looking to open a new account. You can open a Comenity Direct savings account if you want access to your funds at anytime and still earn a higher rate than most savings rates available these days. If you don't mind locking up your funds in a CD account, you can earn an even higher interest rate. Overall, with Comenity Direct you are getting higher rates than the current national average rates available. You also are getting great features and benefits one would expect these days with online account. If you’re looking for more options, you can browse our list of Best Savings Rates to get the best deal.
Author: Brian McKay
February 16th, 2020