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Capital One Bank Online Savings Account

capital-one-bank-online-savings-accountCapital One Bank is offering a promotional bonus of $50 for opening an online savings account.  To take advantage of this offer you will have to open an account by April 15, 2009 and deposit at least $10,000 by May 8th, 2009.  The account you open must be your first account with Capital One Direct Banking to receive the promo savings account bonus.

If you're just intereted in opening a savings account but don't have the funds to deposit to take advantage of the bonus offer you can, the minimum opening deposit is only $1.00.

The annual percentage yield (APY) on the account is tired, the bank rate is decent if you deposit  at least $10,000. Online savings account balances of  $10,000 or more receive a 2.01% APY. Balances of $0.01–$9,999.99 receive a 1.01% APY. As with all savings accounts the rates are variable and may change at any time.

Be sure to use the savings account promotional offer code: OFFER50

Capital One Bank Online Savings Account Promtional Offer
Author: Robert Till
April 1st, 2009