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Best Savings Account Rates Kansas City, MO

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The current national average savings account rate/money market account rate for accounts with balances of $2,500 is 0.34 percent. You can find banks and credit unions that offer savings rates and money market account rates higher than the national average.

We searched our savings rates/money market rates table for rates in Kansas City, Missouri. As of today, Bank of Internet USA and BancorpSouth are both offering a savings account rate of 1.49 percent with an annual percentage yield (APY) 1.50 percent. BancorpSouth has some account requirements to earn the rate and yield.

Find the highest savings account rates and money market account rates by searching our rate tables here:

Here is a list of the savings account rates and money market account rates in Kansas City, Missouri:

  • Bank of Internet USA 1.50% APY Min $100    

  • BancorpSouth 1.50% APY Min $1 - Transfer at least $50 (total) into this account via ACH or Internet Banking, also combine Performance Savings and Performance Checking account statements into one statement. Balances over $30K get Non bonus Performance Savings rate 0.15% APY.

  • Nationwide Bank 1.35% APY Min $10,000   

  • Discover Bank 1.35% APY Min $500      

  • American Express Bank FSB 1.30% APY Min $0 

  • Ally Bank 1.29% APY Min $1      

  • EverBank 1.26% APY Min $1      

  • FNBO DIRECT 1.25% APY Min $1      

  • Capital One Direct Banking 1.25% APY Min $2500 Receive a 10% quarterly bonus on interest earned with a monthly average balance of at least $15K or use of a credit card at least once a month.

  • Salem Five Direct 1.25% APY Min $1 Must have a checking account.

  • 1.21% APY Min $1000 1.21%  APY Min$1000     

  • AIG Bank 1.20% APY Min $10,000     

  • Zions Bank 1.16% APY Min $2500 Internet only.

  • WTDirect 1.16% APY Min $10,000      

  • ING DIRECT 1.10% APY Min $1     

  • Allstate Bank 1.10% APY Min $100      

  • 1.10% APY Min $1     

  • HSBC Direct 1.10% APY Min $1      

  • OneUnited Bank 1.01% APY Min $1000 Available to Internet customers only.

  • First Internet Bank of IN 1.00% APY Min $100      

  •  1.00% APY Min $10,000 Must make monthly deposits of at least $100 to qualify for rate. If monthly deposits not met, standard savings rates apply.

  • AARP Financial Savings Center 1.00% APY Min $1      

  • Citibank 0.90% APY Min $1 Must have EZ checking account and you must have on-line bill pay and make 2 payments each month.

  • Bank of America 0.75% APY Min $10,000 Must have an Advantage with Tiered Interest Checking account. Must have an automatic transfer of $250 or more from your Bank of America account, an automatic transfer of the monthly interest payment from your Bank of America CD or a direct deposit of $250

  • Ameriprise Bank FSB 0.65% APY Min $10,000      
    U.S. Bank 0.60% APY Min $10,000  Must have a Five Star Platinum Checking account.

  • Firstar Bank 0.60% APY Min $10,000 Must have a Five Star Platinum Checking account.

  • PenFed 0.55% APY Min $10,000      

  • E*TRADE Bank 0.40% APY Min $1      

  • Commerce Bank 0.35% APY Min $10,000 Must have a Commerce Options Plus or Premium Checking account.

  • Regions Bank 0.25% APY Min $5000 Must have a Regions checking balance of $2.5K+ or Regions checking with direct deposit and one of the following: Regions Mortgage and Equity AssetLine, or Regions Mortgage and Morgan Keegan Account, or Regions Equity AssetLine and Morgan Keegan Account.

  • Chase  0.25% APY Min $10,000 Must have a Chase Premier Platinum or Chase Premier Checking account.

  • Tennessee Commerce Bank 0.23% APY Min $10,000     

  • BankDirect 0.15% APY Min $10,000      

  • UMB Bank 0.15% APY Min $10,000

Author: Lisa Graham
March 24th, 2010