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Best Credit Union Savings Interest Rates in Georgia: Atlanta Postal Credit Union

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The best credit union savings account rates in Georgia are from Atlanta Postal Credit Union. The credit union is offering the highest share dividend rates (savings account rates) currently available.

Atlanta Postal Credit Union’s savings account rates  include a Regular Share savings account rate , a Holiday Club savings account rate , a Vacation Club savings account rate and an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) savings account rate.

The current savings account rate on their share savings account is 1.49% with an annual percentage yield (APY) of 1.50%. Atlanta Postal Credit Union's dividend rate (savings account rate) about 6 times the current national average savings account rate of 0.26 percent for account balances of at least $2,500.

Atlanta Postal Credit Union's Holiday Club savings account rates and Vacation Club Savings Account rates are also currently at 1.49% with an APY of 1.50%. Compare these savings rates to other bank and credit union holiday club account/vacation club account rates and you will see what a good deal these rates are.

Thinking about investing your Individual Retirement Account in something safer than stocks and mutual funds? Atlanta Postal Credit Union's IRA savings account rate and savings account yield are even better than their the other savings account rates. Atlanta Postal Credit Union's current IRA yield is 2.50%.

For information about joining Atlanta Postal Credit Union and a list of current savings account rates go to
Author: Jason P. Jones
September 8th, 2010