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Sovereign Bank Cash Rewards Checking Account

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sovereign-bank-cash-rewards-checking-accountSovereign Bank is offering a cash rewards checking account where you can earn up to 20% in cash rewards by shopping at participating retailers.

Sovereign Check-Card holders are automatically enrolled in the program and there isn’t a fee for using the cash rewards program. Sovereign Check-Card holders are rewarded when using their Check-Card for making purchases at participating online and in-store retailers.

To earn rewards online you have to shop online by clicking the link provided on the Sovereign Cash Rewards Website. This rewards program reminds me of Upromise where you can also earn rewards money for college or paying down current student loans by shopping.

The cash rewards you earn are credited to your checking account. The rewards can take up to 60 days to be credited to your Sovereign checking account after the date of purchase. In certain circumstances, it might take 90 days or more.

Author: Jason P. Jones
June 28th, 2009