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Checking Accounts: Getting the Best Deal on a Checking Account

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checking-accounts-getting-the-best-deal-on-a-checking-accountFinding the right checking account for your needs while also receiving the best checking account rate can be very time consuming. There are tons of checking deals out there these days, we have listed the most popular checking account options.

Internet banks offer higher checking interest rates with their “Internet checking accounts”, more than traditional brick and mortar bank’s checking account rates because their overhead is lower. Opening a checking account online is easy.

All checking transactions can be done online these days so there is actually no need to go to a traditional bank branch. You are also issued checks when you open your account. There are tons of free checking accounts available, you can also find a combination checking savings account.

We recommend an online checking account over a traditional checking account because the interest rate will be higher, plus an online account is a lot more convenient.

Reward checking accounts are high yield checking accounts that have the highest annual percentage yield over all checking accounts. High yield checking rates can be as high as four to five percent on account balances up to $25,000. You will have to meet a minimum amount of transactions to receive the reward checking rate, like a certain amount of ATM transactions or direct deposits or a combination of both. If you don’t meet the minimum for a given month the actual checking rate you will receive will be paltry, usually under one percent.

You will have to pay ATM fees to withdraw funds using other bank’s ATM machines if you have an online checking account.  The good news is Internet banks will reimburse you for ATM fees other banks charge you. The amount is usually capped per month at around $25.00, but that amount should be more than enough for checking account ATM fees.

If you’re good at managing your finances month to month and don’t mind having more than one checking account, you should consider having both a traditional checking account and an online checking account or rewards checking account. That way you can take advantage of the higher interest rates online checking offers while having the comfort of being able to walk into a local branch to do your traditional banking. has free checking account rate tables you can search to find the best checking account deal in your zip code.

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Author: Robert Till
August 1st, 2009