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Mortgage Rates from Asheville Savings Bank

Current mortgage rates at Asheville Savings Bank are very competitive right now. Asheville Savings Bank is based in North Carolina. The rates available from the bank are only for homes in North Carolina. 30 year conforming rates are available at 4.875%, which is just below today's national average 30 year rate of 4.91% as reported by

Other rates available right now at the bank include 15 year rates at 4.25% which is also below the current national average 15 year rate of 4.19%. 15 year mortgages are always more preferable than 30 year mortgages - you will own your home and be paying a mortgage in half the time. The downside to a 15 year loan is the monthly mortgage payments will be higher.

Asheville Savings Bank is also offering adjustable mortgages. 3 year adjustable rates are 3.50% 5 year adjustable rates are 3.625% and 5 year adjustable rates are 3.75%.

You can apply for a Asheville Savings Bank mortgage online here: Mortgage Application

Author: Lisa Graham
April 15th, 2011