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Mortgage Rates: 30 Year Mortgage Rates Decline to 4.90%

Mortgage Rates: 30 Year Mortgage Rates Decline to 4.90%Mortgage rates declined again this week over last. 30 year mortgage rates are now averaging 4.90 percent, the lowest point 30 year mortgage rates have been in 2010. This is the fourth consecutive week 30 year mortgage rates have gone down. Just over a month ago 30 year mortgage rates were averaging 5.17 percent.

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10 year U.S. Treasury yields started the week above 3.50 percent but yields ended the week just below 3.50 percent at 3.44 percent. The decrease in yields drove mortgage rates lower.  The European Union is still dealing with the fallout of the Greek government debt crisis, as a result the euro hit a 4 year low against the dollar.

15 year mortgage rates were also lower this week over last. Current 15 year mortgage rates are averaging 4.33 percent, a slight decline from last week's average 15 year mortgage rate of 4.35 percent.

Today's Mortgage Rates

Today's 30 year jumbo mortgage rates are averaging  5.54 percent this week, an increase from the previous week’s average jumbo mortgage interest rate of 5.52 percent. Today’s 30 year jumbo refinance rates are also averaging 5.54 percent.

Current 15 year jumbo mortgage rates are averaging 4.88 percent, a decline from the previous week’s average jumbo loan rate of 4.95 percent. Current 15 year jumbo mortgage refinance rates are also lower this week averaging 4.88 percent.

Current Conforming Adjustable Mortgage Rates

Current 1 year conforming adjustable mortgage rates are averaging 3.85 percent, unchanged from last week’s average 1 year adjustable mortgage rate. 1 year adjustable refinance rates are also averaging 3.85 percent this week.

Today's average 3 year conforming adjustable mortgage rates are at 4.35 percent, down from the prior week’s average home loan mortgage rate of 4.54 percent. Current 3 year mortgage refinance rates are also averaging 4.35 percent.

Current 5 year conventional adjustable mortgage rates are averaging 3.95 percent, a big increase from last week’s average loan rate of 3.67 percent. Current 5 year mortgage refinance rates are also averaging 3.95 percent this week.

7 year conforming adjustable mortgage loan rates are averaging 4.14 percent this week, a decrease from an average 7 year interest rate of 4.16 percent. Currently, 7 year refinance mortgage loan rates are also averaging 4.14 percent.

Today's conforming 10 year adjustable loan rates are averaging 4.51 percent, down slightly from the previous week’s average mortgage interest rate of 4.52 percent. 10 year home loan refinance rates are currently averaging 4.51 percent.

Jumbo Adjustable Mortgage Rates Today

1 year jumbo adjustable mortgage rates are averaging in at 5.95 percent today, unchanged from the previous week’s average 1 year jumbo adjustable loan rate of 5.95 percent. Current 1 year jumbo refinance rates are also averaging 5.95 percent this week.

Today's 3 year jumbo adjustable rate loans are averaging 5.11 percent, up from last week’s average jumbo home loan rate of 5.10 percent. Current 3 year home jumbo refinance rates are also averaging 5.11 percent.

Current 5 year jumbo ARMs are averaging 4.50 percent, up from an average mortgage rate of 4.46 percent. Current 5 year jumbo refinance loan rates are averaging 4.50 percent.

The current average 7 year jumbo ARM is at 5.32 percent, an increase from last week’s average loan mortgage rate of 5.26 percent. Current 7 year jumbo refinance rates are also averaging 5.32 percent this week.

Currently, 10 year jumbo mortgage interest rates are at 5.80 percent, up from the previous week’s average 10 year jumbo mortgage rate of 5.72 percent. 10 year jumbo loan refinance rates are also up to 5.80 percent this week.

Current Mortgage Rates Interest Only

Current conforming 3 year interest only mortgage rates are averaging 4.57 percent this week, up from last week’s average mortgage interest rate of 4.78 percent.

Today's 5 year interest only home loans are averaging 3.83 percent this week, down from last week’s average five year interest only mortgage rate of 3.85 percent.

7 year IO home loans are averaging 4.29 percent, down from an average interest rate of 4.34 percent last week.

Current Jumbo Interest Only Mortgage Rates

3 year jumbo IO loans are averaging 5.49 percent this week, an increase from last week’s average jumbo interest mortgage rate of 5.43 percent.

Today’s average 5 year jumbo IO loan rate is at 5.17 percent, up from the prior week’s average IO mortgage rate of 5.14 percent.

The average 7 year jumbo IO loan is averaging 5.73 percent this week, up from last week’s average jumbo 7 year rate of 5.65 percent.

Home Equity Loan Rates

10 year home equity loan rates are averaging 7.297 percent, unchanged  from last week’s average home equity loan rate.

15 year home equity rates are averaging 7.418 percent this week, unchanged from last week’s average home equity rate of 7.418 percent.

Home Equity Line of Credit Rates (HELOC)

Average home equity line of credit rates are averaging 4.664 percent this week, down from last week’s average HELOC rate of 4.777.
Author: Brian McKay
May 17th, 2010