Ally Bank Mortgage Rates

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Ally Bank which is probably best known for their competitive CD rates has also become a mortgage lender. Ally Bank mortgage rates are competitive right now and Ally also offers a price match guarantee. Current Ally Bank mortgages are available for both home purchases and refinances and the rates are competitive for both type of products. Current mortgage rates on Ally Bank's 30 year mortgage for a home purchase or a refinance are at 3.875 percent.

Ally Bank Mortgage RatesAlly Bank's website has a wealth of information on the process of applying for a home loan, such as the benefits of refinancing, calculators, and other information. The price match guarantee has some minor details. If you find a better mortgage rate, you have to send Ally the other lender's loan estimate. Ally will match the other lender's mortgage rate and points as long as it's for the same loan term. You also have to make sure the loan estimate is dated within the past 5 business days.
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Current Ally Bank Mortgage Rates

  • 30 Year Fixed - 3.75% - 1.01 Points

  • 25 Year Fixed - 3.75% - 1.14 Points

  • 20 Year Fixed - 3.50% - 1.05 Points

  • 15 Year Fixed - 3.125% - 1.00 Point

  • 10 Year Fixed - 3.125% - 1.14 Points

  • 10/1 Adjustable - 3.50% 0.87 Points

  • 7/1 Adjustable - 3.25% 0.73 Points

  • 5/1 Adjustable - 3.125% 0.80 Points

There are many different rate/point combinations, too many to list here but you can go to Ally's website and see all of their rates. When you check rates on their website, you can also see how Ally's rates compare with some of the biggest bank's mortgage rates. You will see Ally's rates compared with Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase Bank.

When you apply for a mortgage, a good first step is to prequalify for a home loan. You can do this online at Ally's website or by calling an Ally Home Loan Advisor at 1-855-256-2559.
Author: Brian McKay
October 5th, 2017