Wells Fargo Bank Promotional CD Rates

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 Wells Fargo Bank is currently offering 3 different promotional Certificate of Deposit rates, the rates are 2.40% APY for a 5 month CD, 2.65% APY for a 9 month CD and 3.30% APY for an 18 month CD. The rates are for the initial CD term and then are renewed at the standard CD rates if you choose to renew.  The minimum deposit is $5,000 and the CD account is FDIC insured up to $100,000. As with most certificate of deposit accounts there are early withdrawal penalties, Wells Fargo imposes the following penalties:

  • For terms less than 3 months, fee is one month's interest
  • For terms of 3-12 months, fee is 3 months' interest
  • For terms greater than 12 months, fee is 6 months' interest
  • Minimum fee amount is $25

For more information and an online CD application please visit https://www.wellsfargo.com/savings_cds/cds/index?state=none

Author: Brian McKay
July 23rd, 2008