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TriState Capital Bank Increases Short and Intermediate Term Jumbo CD Rates

TriState Capital Bank recently increased CD rates on the bank's short term and intermediate term jumbo certificates of deposit. TriState Capital Bank is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Deposits are insured by the FDIC up the maximum allowed by law. TriState Capital Bank's FDIC certificate number is 58457. The Bank receives a 4 out of 5 star rating.

TriState Capital Bank Jumbo CD Rate Changes

BankProductRate (new / old)Yield (new / old)
TriState Capital Bank6 month jumbo CD0.70 / 0.650.70 / 0.65
TriState Capital Bank1 yr jumbo CD0.95 / 0.900.95 / 0.90
TriState Capital Bank2 yr jumbo CD1.15 / 1.101.15 / 1.10
TriState Capital Bank18 month jumbo CD1.05 / 1.001.05 / 1.00


Complete List of Current Tristate Capital Bank CD Rates

TriState Capital Bank Jumbo CD Rates

ProductAPYRateMin. Deposit
6 month jumbo CD0.700%0.700%$100,000.00
1 yr jumbo CD0.950%0.950%$100,000.00
2.5 yr jumbo CD1.150%1.150%$100,000.00
2 yr jumbo CD1.150%1.150%$100,000.00
18 month jumbo CD1.050%1.050%$100,000.00
3 yr jumbo CD1.300%1.290%$100,000.00

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Author: Brian McKay
August 17th, 2016