Teen Drivers Are Hitting The Road

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Teen and Parent Guide to Safe Teen Driving

In this country, cars kill more teenagers than cancer, gang violence, suicide, or drugs and alcohol. Hard to believe? Jeffrey Long, an exclusive agent of Allstate Insurance Company in Norwalk, CT , says the statistics prove it:

• Teens are involved in car crashes four times as often as all other age groups combined
• A teen’s chance of dying in a car crash triples from ages 13 to 15, to ages 16 to 19
• Every day, 26 people between the ages of 16 and 24 die in traffic crashes

The fact is car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers. Statistically, teens make up less than 7% of the nation's licensed drivers, but they're involved in 15% of all fatal crashes. This doesn’t mean all teen-drivers are reckless or irresponsible on the road. However, it does mean teens are at increased risk of being involved in, injured, or killed in car crashes. Increased education is vital in saving teenage lives during their years of inexperience.

“It's summertime. This means more teenagers will be on the road. They may be going to work, summer school or to a party, but seemingly they are on the road more this time of year,” said Long. “Parents must teach their teens to drive safer and smarter.”

Long and Allstate Insurance Company recognize the potential dangers that face teens every time they get behind the wheel and offer the following tips for teens and parents:

To Teens: Drive and Arrive Safely
• Drive sober and ride with sober people
• Always wear your safety belt and insist that all passengers do the same
• Be familiar with the vehicle you’re driving
• Be a defensive driver and stay alert. Keep four seconds of following time between your car and the vehicle in front of you
• Focus on your driving. Avoid distractions such as loud music and cellular phones
• Limit the number of passengers riding in your car at any given time
• Check your rear view mirror every time your foot goes on the brake
• Follow the traffic safety rules and drive at safe, legal speeds

To Parents: Establish Guidelines
• Supervise your teen’s driving time. Give your teen practice time driving under your supervision
• Put a limit on the number of passengers allowed in the car
• Limit your teen’s driving during times of increased risk: Friday and Saturday nights and early Saturday and Sunday mornings
• Establish a house curfew
• Insist on the usage of seat belts
• Set geographic driving area limits
• Prohibit your teen from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• Make car choices with safety in mind
• Be a good role model

For additional information on Teen Driver Safety, including Allstate’s Parent-Teen Driving Contract, contact Allstate Exclusive Agent Jeffrey Long at (203) 855-8444 or visit his office at 94 East Avenue in Norwalk, CT. You can also find information at www.allstate.com/teen.

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Author: Brian McKay
May 9th, 2009