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Orlando, Florida CD Interest Rates & CD Yields

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The best CD rates in Orlando, Florida, can be found right here at Right now on our Orlando, FL, CD rate list Bank of Internet USA has the highest 12 month CD rate. Bank of Internet's current 12 month bank CD rate at 1.40 percent with a bank CD  yield of 1.41 percent. The minimum opening deposit for a CD account at Bank of Internet is $1,000.

Next on our Orlando list of CD rates with the second best CD rate is Discover Bank, and Nationwide Bank. All three banks are currently offering a CD interest rate of 1.34 percent with a CD interest yield of 1.35 percent. Giantbank and Discover have a minimum opening deposit of $2,500. Nationwide Bank's minimum opening deposit is $10,000.

The third best CD rate in Orlando is from Ally Bank. The bank's current 1 year CD rate is 1.33 percent with a CD yield of 1.34 percent. The minimum opening deposit is only $1.

Orlando, Florida CD Rates & CD Yields

  • Bank of Internet USA CD Rates 1.40% CD Yield 1.41% Min Deposit $1000

  • CD Interest Rates 1.34% CD Yield 1.35% Min Deposit $2500

  • Nationwide Bank CD Rate 1.34% CD Yield 1.35% Min Deposit $10,000

  • Discover Bank CD Rates 1.34% CD Yield 1.35% Min Deposit $2500

  • Ally Bank Interest Rates 1.33% CD Yield 1.34% CD Min Deposit $ 1

  • American Express Bank Interest CD Rate 1.29% CD Yield 1.30% Min Deposit $ 0

  • Sallie Mae Rates 1.29% CD Yields 1.30% CD Min Deposit$ 1

  • PenFed Rates 1.25% Yields 1.26% Min Deposit $1000

  • ING DIRECT Rate 1.24% Yield 1.25% Min Deposit $ 1

  • Tennessee Commerce CD Rates at bank 1.14% CD Yields at bank 1.15% CD Yield Min Deposit $2500

  • AIG Bank CD Rate 1.09% CD Yield 1.10% Min Deposit $2500

  • EverBank Rates 1.00% CD Yield 1.01% Min Deposit $1500

  • First Internet Bank of IN 1.00% CD Yield Min Deposit $1000

Find highest CD rates at banks and CD rates at credit unions your area by using our CD rate tables. We have CD rate and yield lists for every city and town in the United States.
Author: Brian McKay
November 9th, 2010