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Nexity Bank CD Rates

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j0323736Nexity Bank headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama is offering some of the best CD rates available today. These rates are current as of April 7th, 2009. Check Nextiy Bank's website for more current certificate of deposit rates.

Their 12 month CD currently has a 2.56 percent annual percentage yield, 24 month CD has an APY of 2.66 percent, 9 month CD has an APY of 2.11 percent, 6 month CD has an APY of 2.21 percent and a 90 day certificate of deposit has an APY of 1.61%.

Nexity Bank also has locations in Atlanta, Georgia, Columbia, South Carolina, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Author: Jason P. Jones
April 7th, 2009